Awesome / Home Movies

  • McGurk telling Fenton to shut up after he begins screaming at his mother again, and then ordering him to apologize to her and everyone else at his birthday party for being such a demanding brat.
    McGurk: Now apologize to your mother and apologize to everybody else at the party!
    Fenton: What?!
    McGurk: NOW!
    Fenton: Imsorry.
    • Fenton's mom then tells him to go to his room while the party's still going.
  • Melissa getting out of the Fairy Princesses by staging an explosion with the same crap they've been trying to get her to sell at the mall.
  • Brendon finally has enough of his dad's girlfriend's bitching in the Halloween episode. So what does he do? Do a "FUCK YOU!" knock knock joke.
  • Don't forget when Melissa conquers her fear of water and saves McGuirk from drowning.
    • When Brendon finds out that Octovio's Canadian, he quickly says, "Alright, there's the door."
  • McGuirk's anger has been getting the best of him lately, so the principal orders that he take anger management or be fired. At the kids soccer game, McGuirk's team is losing, and one of the dads lets him have it. McGuirk takes the whole thing in stride, while Brendon and Melissa try to tell him that that dad is talking to him. Eventually, after the game, the principal talks to McGuirk and congratulates him for handling his anger. The dad leaves the game in his car, and hey, who's that in my rear view mirror?
  • "Spaghetti Time."
  • This courtroom exchange, after Brendon is sentenced to community service and is ordered to pay 900 dollars for getting hit by a car.
    Brendon: "I'll do the community service, and mom, I'll even help pay you back, but your honor. I want you to know one thing. I have learned absolutely nothing. Good day."
    Judge: "Brendon-"
    Brendon: "I BELIEVE I SAID 'GOOD DAY'!"
  • In "Guitarmageddon", Dwayne enters a guitar competition, but his dad takes his guitar away because of bad grades. Already intimidated by nemesis Jimmy Monet, whose blistering performance he follows, he has to resort to using Brendon's trashed, untuned rental guitar. After a few crashing bits of noise and nearly going down in flames, he pulls out and makes the guitar SING. He loses anyway, but gets Jimmy's girl, who thinks he was robbed.
  • Coach McGuirk singing a jaunty little number to a Jerkass video store clerk.