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  • The Boov get one when they herded billions of humans into Australia and furnished them with clean housing. Also the closest thing to a riot we are shown is when the humans heckle the Boov as they depart.
  • Oh transforming Tip's car into a flying car.
  • When Oh stands up to Captain Smek at long last.
  • Followed by Kyle standing up to Smek for Oh, taking the shusher and proclaiming Oh the new captain.
  • Tip uses light reflection to distract the Gorg driving the Mothership, using the mirror that was supposed to be her mom's Christmas present.
  • Just the fact that Tip goes on her own, with only a pet cat by her side (initially), to save her mother from her capture. To reiterate, she's only 12/13-years-old, her mother has been kidnapped, her current sidekick is a cat, and she's up against potentially violent, psychopathic aliens who are the reason for kidnapping her mother. This girl has got a lot of heart.
  • Tip saving Oh from being arrested by the other Boovs. Just by standing on her tippy toes.
  • The design of both Gorg and Boov. Original alien designs are hard to come by in the majority of movies today, but this film managed to do it with not one aliens species, but two of them. Boov have some really fun and inventive body designs, and the creativity in how those designs function is hilarious and fun. The Gorg, meanwhile, looks freaking awesome, like something you'd see straight out of sci fi nightmare fuel. The fact that it ends up being a literal starfish alien doesn't deter from its more awesome design. In fact, the literal interpretation makes it kinda funny.
  • Oh gets another when he stops a pursuing Boov by using his current wanted status in his own favor, touching the control module of their vehicle, causing it to engage its self destruct mechanism.
  • At the end of the film, you can see The Starry Night on the wall in Tip and Lucy's home. The Starry Night!