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Awesome: Holo Caust
  • Just like there have been victims of the Holocaust, the mini has shown that there were many resistance groups and Nazi targets that fought back:
    • Rudi joins a group of Jewish Partisans that annihilate Nazis and later is involved with the revolt at Sobibor.
    • The revolt at Sobibor is genuinely a big Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Moses Weiss gets involved with a group of Zionists in the Warsaw Ghetto and totally guns down the Nazis, even in defeat they're awesome.
    • Karl Weiss uses his artistry to expose the mistreatment the Nazis inflicted on Concentration Camp inmates.
  • Inga's hardcore devotion to Karl is this.
  • The Priest that refuses to backtrack on his sermon about tolerance and decency.
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