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Awesome: Hivefled
  • Gamzee's "World of Cardboard" Speech during his dream conversation with Sennir and Laneen in the Cell, in which he vows not to leave behind the kin or any of his living friends, and manages to drive out his ancestor's presence through sheer force of anger.
    Gamzee: I know you both and I have tried, and been trying to get through this the best we can, but motherfuck all of it. I wonít let go of any of you, all of you skeletons, all of my kin. But I ainít letting go of the ones that be alive either. I wonít let him fucking find us. I donít know how the fuck thatíll work, but Iím pissed off enough that Iím fucking determined. Fuck the Keeper and the Hag. Fuck my bloodlinks. Iíll make my choice, but Iíll make it in my own motherfucking time.
  • Gamzee's beating of Equius and Eridan once he finally gets the chance to tell him what he thought of their advice.
  • After hearing Shuran Harkol's rather pervy comments about his young students, Icatus snaps and tells him to knock it the fuck off.
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