Awesome / Hitch

  • After Sara destroys Hitch's business, after taking the word of a guy she knew was a total jerk and not researching his claim that Hitch had helped him at all, Hitch loudly and publicly calls her out for it.
    • A lower-key event immediately after this is when she turns to Casey and asks "Can you believe that guy?" in a sarcastic tone of voice. Casey responds with a sincere, "Actually...I do." Sara had done everything on Casey's behalf because she believed that Hitch helped Vance use her. So Casey siding with Hitch drives home just how badly Sara fucked up.
  • Hitch beating up the Jerk Ass guy attempting to threaten him into helping him have an affair.
  • Hitch's dating advice. No matter what gender you are and what gender you're pursuing, it works, especially "Listen to what she is saying and respond."