Awesome / Hitch

  • After Sara destroys Hitch's business, after taking the word of a guy she knew was a total jerk and not researching his claim that Hitch had helped him at all, Hitch loudly and publicly calls her out for it.
    • A lower-key event immediately after this is when she turns to Casey and asks "Can you believe that guy?" in a sarcastic tone of voice. Casey responds with a sincere, "Actually...I do." Sara had done everything on Casey's behalf because she believed that Hitch helped Vance use her. So Casey siding with Hitch drives home just how badly Sara fucked up.
  • Hitch beating up the Jerk Ass guy attempting to threaten him into helping him have an affair.
  • Hitch's dating advice. No matter what gender you are and what gender you're pursuing, it works, especially "Listen to what she is saying and respond."
  • Hitch being stunned when he realizes all of Albert's awesome moments while dating came about in spite of his advice, not because of it. He's especially impressed when Albert used throwing away his inhaler as a legit awesome moment before a first-kiss. By the end of the film, Hitch is humbled realizing true love can thrive in spite of his advice.
    Hitch: Rules?...There are none.