Awesome / Histeria!

  • The segment on Harriet Tubman's underground railroad in "General Sherman's Campsite". While there are the jokes as usual, it treats the subject with the respect it deserves and has an exciting chase sequence at the end where Froggo is almost shot attempting to board the train.
  • The final episode has a sketch in which the Kid Chorus shows off the basics of defense in siege warfare when a group of evil invaders with feminine names show up (the leader is named Loretta). The kids do everything they can to keep those invaders out, from deflecting their flaming arrows back at them (using a giant fan, for "giant anachronistic appliances come in handy") to offending their musical tastes (Aka plays a CD of elevator music on a giant amp), and finally sending out Big Fat Baby when they do break down the door. No gender-confused knights are getting into this kid-group's clubhouse.
  • Loud Kiddington, the poster child for No Indoor Voice, had one of his own in the "Presidential People" episode. When George Bush (the first) lets it be known that he is banning broccoli from presidential grounds, Loud starts following him around everywhere, Green Eggs and Ham-style, asking him to eat the piece of broccoli on the plate he is carrying. After repeated refusals, Bush finally does take a bite, and he naturally doesn't like it - but this, validity on his hatred of broccoli, is exactly what Loud and his buddies wanted to hear from him.
  • Froggo got one in the sketch where he befriends Joseph Stalin. As Froggo's big buddy, the Soviet dictator has quite a bit of fun with him and comes to torture anybody who does something wrong to him such as picking on him or giving him a bad grade on a school assignment. It's thanks to this sketch that we learn the important lesson to never pick on short kids because chances are they might have friends in high places.
  • Annoyingly nitpicky prude she may be, network censor Lydia Karaoke gets one in "Writers of the Purple Prose" when she calls out Chit Chatterson for selling book summaries consisting of only a single sentence that barely says anything about the book's plot and later sics the authors of those books on him, who proceed to beat the snot out of the smug bastard.