Awesome / Hikaru no Go

  • Touya's four-way game against an arrogant council-man and his posse.
    • At the same time, Hikaru was learning to do the very same thing, also against four opponents.
  • Hikaru's game against the Hiroshima best player. Instant hands, and he won. The guy travelling with him (Kawai) thought: "When did he turn into this monster?".
  • Isumi-san's game against Ochi during the pro exams. Isumi becomes an emotional wreck because of a disastrous game with Hikaru and loses all his matches thereafter. Ochi, who until then had not lost a single match, doesn't hesitate to gloat and mock him for his losses. Isumi tells him to shut up and proceeds to defeat him without a struggle.
  • Hikaru also shows his stuff outside of playing matches himself. After watching the Go match between Sai and Kouyou Touya (playing on Sai's behalf), Hikaru actually points out a move after the match over that would've turned the entire match around. And given Touya didn't play it, and Sai's surprise, it's clear neither professional saw that move. Yet Hikaru did. One learning boy spotted a move two professional players missed. Really shows how he's developed as a player.
    Sai: I finally understand... God has given me a millennium of time simply to show Hikaru this match!
  • In one of the side stories, Kaga returned to Haze to train the new members of the Shogi club. Wondering how Tsutsui's Go club is doing, he decided to pay a visit, and saw Koike, the current leader (and only member) of the club, trying to convince a first year to join. Kaga, pretending to be Tsutsui, managed to force the guy and his friend to enrol into the club by completely obliterating him in a game, and by beating the second (who is actually a member of the Shogi club) in Shogi without his main 6 pieces. Koike was suitably impressed by this and gushed to Akari and the others about how cool "Tsutsui-senpai" was. Becomes a Moment Of Funny when Hikaru and Mitani looked confused by Koike's description of "Tsutsui", their expressions clearly asking, "Are we talking about the same person here?"