Awesome / Hero

Ying Xiong (Hero)

  • It seems like every other scene in Ying Xiong (Hero) is a crowning moment for one or two characters, and considering that there are up to three versions of each...
  • During the Rain of Arrows at the calligraphy school early in the movie:
    • Broken Sword gets a stylus shot out of his hand while he's practicing calligraphy. His reaction? Casually catching one of the arrows flying past him, breaking off one end, and continuing where he left off.
    • The old servant sends the students back to work, then proceeds to practice his calligraphy in the front of room while arrows hit exposed surfaces all around him and several students take arrows to the back.
    • To protect the school from the aforementioned arrow barrage, Nameless fends off the arrows with his sword, but gets one-upped by Flying Snow, who matches his feat while completely unarmed (that is, unless dress sleeves count as a weapon).
  • The unnamed Hero's death scene is quite possibly the most badass execution a person could ask for. He walks out to a wall, calmly turns to face an entire regiment of archers, who loose a volley of arrows that blots out the sun. Cut to a panning shot of the wall, literally blackened with arrows, and a single human shaped-gap in the middle of the mass. Then, the entire army is shown marching with the Hero's body, saluting and chanting as they walk, giving him the hero's funeral he deserved.
  • Moon's battle with Flying Snow among the swirling red leaves. So beautiful.
  • Broken Sword, mid-stroke, closes his eyes, lets go of his sword and commences to leave the king wounded going "What the Hell happened?" Warrior Poet indeed.

  • Hal Creed saving his son from the Villain in the climax of the book.