Awesome / Herding Cats

  • Several other trolls that didn't reach god tier in the canon do so in this fanon. On top of Vriska, Aradia and Gamzee (maybe), all of the other trolls reach the god tier.
  • Tavros calming Gamzee down from his sober rage through a poetry slam. And then they become matesprits.
  • Nearly everybody puts Tavros through the wringer for having taken several levels in jerkass.
    • Vriska stepping up and admitting that yes, it is her fault that Tavros is such a jerk, and then doing her best to set things right.
  • Nepeta completely reforming Vriska in under a half-hour with The Power of Love.
  • In general, Equius' protective nature (as it applies to Nepeta) is both cute and awesome. For example, his one-liner (technically, two-liner) in chapter 13 after finding out Karkat is the reason for Nepeta's sudden depression:
    Equius: If he did not want to be hurt, he shouldn't have shouted at you.