Awesome / Hell's Kitchen

Season 1

  • We have Elsie, who was famous for being "a mother of six". Well, when she was one of the last four contestants, she had been chewed out by her fellow competitors (although it was slightly her fault because she had previously stated how she won the challenge for that day) and is off to be eliminated. Ramsay knows something is up and asks Elsie if she was fine. Elsie could've taken the chance to chew out her fellow competitors...but she took the blow by herself instead. Sure, she was eliminated, but she showed much grace and maturity during that moment and kept her head up high the whole time.

Season 2

  • In an earlier episode, Heather, who would eventually go on to win the entire season, burned her hand (but recovered), and was forced to sit out the rest of the service. This didn't stop her from directing her team to victory as she waited for the ambulance to arrive.
  • Heather ripping Garett a new one after he made a sexist comment that the women should cook for them after the men come home from a hard day's work. She did not let him get away with it.
  • Rarely happens, but whenever a customer goes up to Ramsay to complain while he's trying to work the kitchens and/or being a real douche about their complaints or being really rude to Ramsay, Ramsay tells them off.
    • Case in point: when one lady decides she had waited for her food long enough and confronts Chef Ramsay about it, he doesn't even bother looking at her when he waves her off and said, "Take the giraffe back to the table, yes?"
    • When a customer comes up to Chef Ramsay and whines about his risotto not having enough pumpkin in it (said customer had already eaten most of the risotto before complaining):
      Chef Ramsay: Right. Well, I'll get more pumpkin and I'll ram it right up your fucking arse. Would you like it whole or diced?
    • Another example is when a woman tried to sabotage the service by throwing a bunch of dishes to the ground and ruins them, Chef Ramsay just casually calls for security to escort her out.

Season 3

  • Julia was one of the biggest underdogs in the entire series. As a simple Waffle House chef from Atlanta who pretty much didn't fit with everyone's fancy backgrounds, she was able to keep her calm in the kitchen and lead both her team (and once the Blue Team) out. Ramsay was so impressed that he would personally send her to Culinary School so that she could eventually come back to win the competition hands down.
  • In Ep 6, Julia, Jen, and Bonnie floored the Blue team in the service. This was specifically poignant because in the first episode, Ramsay had dubbed the team "Hell's Bitches" due to their fighting and due to three of their former members (Tiffany, Joanna, and Melissa, who was on the Blue Team) bickering and being complete jerks. The three girls are, in order: a nanny (Bonnie), a short order cook (Julia), and a pastry chef (Jen). Their opponents were two sous chefs (Josh and Brad), an Executive Chef (Rock) and a Line Chef (Melissa).
  • In a deleted scene from the finale, Chef Scott outright threatens Josh and Vinnie about if they fuck up and pull any stupid shit while cooking for Rock on his team. Later in the service, he takes the piss out of them for asking how long on the garnish.

Season 4

  • Episode 5. Christina was nominated again for elimination, purely because her team thought she was arrogant. When Chef Ramsay found out about her nomination, he was alarmed and confused and called the team out on it. He asked Jen if she felt threatened by Christina, which Jen denied, claiming she was the one who decided her own fate in the competition. Ramsay quickly pointed out that HE decided her fate, not her. He then asked Rosann if she thought she was a better cook than Christina. When Rosann said she was, Ramsay promptly pointed out that she screwed her team that night. This is especially awesome in retrospect when you know that Rosann gets eliminated for being such a weak cook, and Christina actually ended up winning the competition.
  • We had Jen, THE prototypical Reality Show cutthroat bitch. Near the end of the season, she remarks that the previous service practically gave her a heart attack. We immediately cut to a Confession Cam with Petrozza, the man Gordon praised for being selfless and polite:
    Petrozza: You cold bitch, you finally feel like you have a heart? Why, because you know there's a good chance that your ass is going on the chopping block, that's why you feel like you have a heart? Or are you just full of shit?

Season 5

  • Robert was in such a rush to cook appetizers that his pants tore, showing off his boxers. He ignored this and continued to cook while boasting, "I'll cook in my boxer shorts. I don't give a fuck." Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny,
  • Paula's nomination in Episode 11, even though she had a flawless performance that night (and most of the past ones for that matter). Andrea had by far the worst performance that night, but had won an immunity card from the recent challenge, leaving options very limited. When Andrea told Chef Ramsay Paula was nominated, he was taken aback (while Paula actually chuckled) and asked why. She justified it with "lack of communication," which was blatantly false. Ramsay notes to himself that this should be quick. He asks Paula why she should stay. She starts explaining how she felt like she had been a solid performer throughout the competition, but Chef Ramsay cuts her off in the middle of her first sentence and tells her to get back in line. He wasn't kidding about it being quick.

Season 6

  • Joseph was asked to give his nominations for elimination from the blue team and gave a simple reply of "They know who they are, and can step forward themselves." After Ramsay attempted several times to get Joseph to give him a straight answer, he finally tore into him until Joseph ripped off his jacket and stormed up to Ramsay challenging him to a fight in the parking lot after filming. Ramsay, who happens to be a martial arts black belt and in exceptionally fit condition, calmly stands inches away from him and basically challenges him to do it right there. When Joseph doesn't go through with it, Ramsay promptly ejects him....and spouts a one-liner as he trips over the bar ledge on his way out.
  • Who were the two final contestants? Dave and Kevin, both of whom were injured (fractured wrist and two sprained ankles, respectively). Dave won.
    • Dave also had a Crowning Moment an episode before. Each contestant had to cook a dish of a certain style (Mexican, Indian, and Chinese) for master chefs of that style. He got Indian, which he had admittedly never cooked beforenote . He won the challenge.
    • Dave, in general, had several moments throughout the season. One of the best examples was in the episode when Andy injured himself: while Andy complained that his injury hampered his performance, Ramsay pointed out that Dave had covered multiple stations by himself with no decrease in the quality of his output at all.
    • Kevin also deserves some mention. In the season finale, he demonstrated great leadership skills when he managed to fix Amanda's constant screw-ups. Had it not been for her, he may have won instead of Dave.
    • Van with his signature dish. He boasted that despite people underestimating him for being a country boy from Texas, he has a sophisticated palette. He proved himself right by making a seared foie gras, which Ramsay was very impressed with.
      • Made even a bit cooler when you do a little research on his background. He's the son of former WWE wrestler Gertrude "Luna" Vachon, and in her family, looks are definitely deceiving.
  • When there are only six contestants remaining, the dinner service started off so badly that, for the first time ever, Gordon and sous chef Scott walked out of the kitchen. Immediately, Tennille and Kevin took charge of the kitchen themselves, managing to rally up despite the mistakes of others and Suzanne's unwillingness to send food out. Cue Ramsay returning and kicking out those who were doing badly, leaving Tennille, Kevin and Dave to finish the service themselves with no more mishaps. Dave was working three stations on his own at one point. With a fractured wrist.
    • Another example was during a challenge when the teams would roll a die with letters on them. They'd name an ingredient that started with the letter they rolled and make a dish using all the ingredients. For the blue team, the first one they rolled was haddock. Dave rolled an 'F' and chose "figs." The men basically gave up and chose random ingredients after that. So they had to make a dish out of haddock, figs, tomatoes, angel hair pasta, and apples. Against the red team's rabbit, haricotvert, potatoes, hamhock and garlic. Amazingly enough, the blue team cooked a decent dish. The figs sweetened the acidity of the tomato sauce they made. That combined with Ariel's overly powerful garlic sauce nailed them the victory.
  • JP's crowning moment of awesome (Episode Two): "Ladies first". Afterward, he dished out the "Listen to ME!" against Van (a guy who has quite a bit more muscle than JP).
    • Had another one previously in Season Five when he sarcastically mimicked Lacey's excuse of never being a waiter before (she had forgotten to hand in a ticket for a table).

Season 7

  • In an early episode, the entire red team was pulled from service. Gordon, along with sous chefs Scott and Andi, cooked everything by themselves and finished the service.
    • Happens again in season 9. Gordon threw out the entire red team except for Jennifer in the middle of service. Jennifer (along with Andi and Gordon) went on to finish the service spotlessly.
  • In Episode 10, the chefs are combined into one team (while keeping their team colors) and have a time limit of two and a half hours since the customers will be attending a theatre after dinner. With the exception of Nilka, who tanked on the fish station so horribly that Ramsay eliminated her from the competition mid-service, the team completed the service with no major mistakes and even had a decent amount of time to spare before the deadline. Needless to say, everyone remaining was named a winner, and Ramsay didn't eliminate anyone.
    • Ramsay even gets a heartwarming moment with Nilka, commending all of her skills and talent that she had shown every night before this episode, which he doesn't normally do after eliminating contestants in the middle of service.
  • In Episode 12 of Season 7, Chef Ramsay leaves the kitchen for a moment and Sous Chef Scott is left in charge. Benjamin tries to take charge, but Scott immediately stops him and outright says to him that while he may be a good cook, he is a piss poor leader, and if Benjamin thinks he can do it, Scott will leave right then and there. He outright yells at Benjamin not to try and take over his job, but to get back onto his station right then and there.

Season 8

  • In the first episode to feature the final six black-jacketed contestants, they had to create a dish and have it judged by a panel of five three-Michelin-star chefs. The judges each held up a numbered card (like at the Olympics) for presentation and then again for taste; the best score any judge could award for either category was 10. It looked like Gail, with a score of 87, would win the challenge, until Russell presented his dish...and received perfect scores in both categories. (Of course, YMMV, as it is Russell.) In a Pet the Dog moment for Russell, he did pick Gail to join him for the prize of lunch at the LA market.
  • The blue team completely fell apart in one servicenote , and Ramsay started kicking them out of the kitchen one by one. Eventually, the only chef left was Trev who, despite coming within an inch of being thrown out despite being in the winning team during the previous episode, finished the blue team's service by himself. Even though Trev has largely been The Scrappy (with the obvious exceptions of Raj and Sabrina and later Russell), it was hard to deny he had kicked ass just this one time.
  • Another Trev moment: After the Final Four chefs participated in a challenge, Russell took massive offense and tried to pick a fight with Trev, threatening that if Trev "talked back" to him again, he would "slap the shit outta him". Trev responds with an unflinching, sarcastic, "OK."

Season 9

  • Jennifer losing her shit with Elise, who has been blaming her own problems during service on the rest of the team for 8 weeks now. Watching nice, even-tempered Jennifer finally ream out the Queen Bitch (and actually getting her to shut up!) was pretty cathartic. The following is from the 10th episode.
    Jennifer: Shut up for five fucking seconds! That's the problem: You don't shut up!
    Cut to Gordon looking slightly shocked.
  • Sous Chef Andi had enough of Elise's bickering and lack of respect once during prep, and told her she needed "to show some fucking respect." This is the first time Andi finally had to tell off a contestant.
  • Tommy got kicked out of the kitchen along with Jennifer (who was assisting him on appetizers) and Elise (who consistently messed up on fish). After calling back the team to chew them out and send them to the dorms, Tommy stayed behind to ask Ramsay why he got sent out, since Jennifer was the one making almost all the mistakes on the station, such as miscommunicating and taking his dishes up before they were ready. Chef Ramsay took it about as well as he takes any chef disputing his decisions, and ended up informing Tommy that he would "stick his head in the oven and talk to him through the gas burner!" Tommy's response? "Do it!"
    • YMMV on this one as Tommy made several mistakes himself that night and his response to Ramsay was arguably more "immature" then awesome.
  • During the finale, Paul, despite losing the final tasting challenge to Will and being saddled with Carrie and Elise on his team, manages to pull out a win. He does so by being the sole chef the entire season to get Carrie and Elise working together.
    • On that note, Elise deserves some mention. She may be the mother of all Scrappies, but she kicked ass during the finale. She was hands down the best cook on Paul's side, single-handedly leading him to victory. And she was amazingly cooperative and hard working for someone else for a change.

Season 10

  • Andi telling off a contestant happened again when Tiffany had screwed the red team over by undercooking one of their key dishes (the service that night was the "teams make their own menu"). Andi told off Tiffany and repeatedly told her that "You don't care". Tiffany responded to this by mouthing off at Andi, presumably thinking there would be no repercussions since she wasn't Chef Ramsay — only for Andi to tell Tiffany to "take a walk" and get out of the kitchen. This is the first time a Sous chef has sent a contestant out of the kitchen; not even Scott has done that in the ten seasons he's been on the show.
    • In the finale, when Dana screwed up the fish and tried to re-heat and serve them up, Christina called her on it. When Dana kept insisting nothing was wrong with her dish, Andi told her not to "fucking thwart" Christina and do what she says.
  • Robyn had a minor one in the first episode - she cooked her signature dish perfectly, and then, while the other women were drunk and making crude sexual jokes ("How do you know when a scallop's cooked perfectly? When you touch it and it feels like a cock!"), she got up and studied in the living room, and was one of the only well-prepared women on the team.
  • Roshni and Brian finishing a dinner service by themselves (on the Blue side) after Ramsay threw everyone else out and warned them that they'd better not make any other mistakes... or else!
    • What really makes this a CMOA is that both of them came within an inch of their lives after the previous service, where they were the first of their respective teams (Roshni was still on the red team at that point) to be thrown out of the kitchen, so they both redeemed themselves in a HUGE way (though ironically, Ramsay barely seemed to notice).
  • After the fashion show service, Clemenza was easily nominated after being overwhelmed on his fish station, along with Guy for essentially giving up. Ramsay asked the other chefs on the team who deserved to go home and all five said Clemenza. But Clemenza REFUSED to go out that easy: he kept insisting that he could cook, that his heart was in the competition, and he refused to give up, clearly earning the respect of the winning red team. He even managed to win Ramsay over, who eliminated Guy. This led to a good chunk of the red team giving Clemenza a standing ovation.
    Clemenza: "I got more love tonight from the Red Team! Go figure!"
  • Christina got one during a challenge: both teams had to cook dishes for three executive chefs who rated each dish 1-3 stars. Christina was the last one up and she needed at least 7 points for the red team to win. Amazingly, her dish got a 3 star rating from one of the chefs (the only dish to do so) and put her team over the top for the win.
  • Episode 12: After going virtually unnoticed for most of the season, Justin managed to become the first person in the history of the show to get a perfect score on the blind taste test challenge. Especially impressive since he had not ten minutes earlier been involved in a wing-eating contest against competitive eating champ Joey Chestnut (Chestnut won, obviously).
  • In episode 15, during dinner service, the red team cruised into a very easy win with a smooth and almost flawless dinner service, but the moment of awesome goes to Barbie. For starters, she is the only chef in both kitchens who doesn't commit a single mistake throughout the dinner service. But the blue team's constant mistakes and horrible communication were sinking them fast, especially Brian's terrible performance on the meat station. What does Ramsay do? He calls over Barbie and asks her to take over the blue team's meat station, where she churns out perfectly cooked meat after perfectly cooked meat. Not only was she the best performer in her team that night, she single-handedly pulled the blue team out of the disaster zone and drove them into properly finishing dinner service.
    • It seems to be fitting that Barbie had this moment. For most of the season, it seemed as though her teammates wanted to see her gone, even though she was not nearly the worst one on the team.
    • Barbie also gets one in episode 5 after being nominated for elimination for giving arguably the best reason any contestant has ever given as to why she should stay. When asked why she should stay, rather than go into the typical and often heard comments such as "I never give up" or "I have so much passion", Barbie simply states that she's not the worst cook on the red team. Ramsay's reply? "I agree. Back in line."
  • In the finale, Christina had both Robyn and Kimmie on her team, who had both caused many problems throughout the season and had proven difficult to work with. Under her leadership, Robyn made very few mistakes and Kimmie didn't make ANY mistakes for the entire service, which helped Christina pull out a win.

Season 11

  • Episode 13: After Nedra's disastrous first performance on the blue team, which the men easily decided to nominate her for, she screamed at them as to why she didn't deserve to be nominated. Zach (who himself was taking several levels in jerkass as of late) wouldn't bend to her whining, and said in the confessional, "We ain't the red team. We ain't scared of your attitude!" Whenever Nedra would scream "I AIN'T GOIN' UP!!", Zach would calmly state "Yeah, ya are" without an ounce of fear. It was very relaxing to see someone stand up to Nedra for once and she ultimately went home that night.
  • Episode 16 had The Passing Zone, dressed as chefs. They juggled knives and flaming batons, before passing them to each other by Ramsay. As Zach pointed out, one false move and it would be the end.
  • Episode 18. The five black jacket finalists go up against a team of returning contestant chefs, which isn't anything new. But this time, they aren't merely returning chefs from previous seasons, they're winning chefs from previous seasons. Ramsay decides to determine the winner by score cards. The veterans had 95% customer satisfaction while the chefs had 93%. All in all, it is easily the best dinner service of the season with only a handful of comparatively minor errors, and for them to do so well against the veterans was impressive to all, including Ramsay.
  • At the final service, Mary does the one thing that should've been done in previous seasons: kick out the chef that's doing horribly (i.e. Dan).
  • You have to basically hand it to the reds this season, who managed to win against the blues by 10-2!. Special mention goes to Ja'nel, who achieved a 11-1, with the additional 1 when she was sent to the blues for one service.

Season 12

  • The moment where Sous Chef Andi totally chews out Anton for tanking his station, being a jerk about it, and talking back to her. At that moment, with her sharp tone of voice and glare that could make one wilt and wither, she could've given Sous Chef Scott a run for his money.
  • Episode 11: In the wake of the biggest team change yet on the show (Rochelle and Sandra moved to the blue team while Anton and Scott moved to the red team), Ramsay sets up a "King Of The Hill"-type challenge (a person sits in a chair until someone has a better dish; last person in the seat wins the challenge for his/her team). After a borderline game of musical chairs (Scott took the seat, followed by Sandra, then Anton), Rochelle took the seat and held onto it for the next FIVE dishes, including her former teammates Kashia, Joy, and Melanie. Rochelle won the challenge for the blue team, and you can clearly see the look of regret on her former teammates' faces for nominating her in the first place (which they admitted beforehand was based on Rochelle's desire to have a family, rather than cooking performance). Karma's a bitch.
  • Episode 14: Gabriel finally realizes that he was on his last legs if he didn't do well on service and delivers perfect garnish after garnish while being the glue that held the blue team's communication together. Ramsay singles him as Best of the Best for the Blue Team that night.
    • The entire blue team get the CMOA, as after they have delivered their final entree, Ramsay calls them over to the pass to congratulate them on one of the best services a team has ever had in Hell's Kitchen.
    • Another moment was Rochelle who, having never worked as a professional chef and having been given glowing praise for her beef wellingtons, was complimented by Ramsay, stating that she cooks like she had been a professional chef for five years.
  • Scott spent the majority of his time on the show as the resident bitch...which made his eventual victory even sweeter.
    • Jason also deserves some credit: he was forced to drop out of season 9 before he could even take part in a single service, but he came back with a vengeance, made very few mistakes along the way, and deservedly finished in second.
    • Scott kicking Jessica out of the kitchen when she wasn't performing to his standards. Some fans speculate that this was the moment when Ramsay decided Scott as the winner, because Jason had kept Sandra on, even though she had blatantly tried to sabotage him multiple times.

Season 13

  • The red team's performance in the first service. For perspective, only four teams in the entire history of Hell's Kitchen until that point had completed the first night's service, and even then with several caveats (the Season 7 red and blue teams were merged into one to finish the service, and the Season 11 red and blue teams had four and eight chefs thrown out respectively). This season's red team not only finished the service without anyone being thrown out, the only thing to go even slightly wrong was Janai not serving enough scallops on the last appetizer, a mistake that she immediately resolved.
  • In episode 9, after Steve was forced out of the competition due to a knee injury, the blue team seemed motivated to pull out a victory for him. They did, with Ramsay never shown yelling at any of them once: Santos was flawless on appetizers, Bryant aced the fish station, and even the generally mediocre Aaron excelled on the always difficult, sometimes disastrous meat station.
  • Every service after the first one, something always happened that hindered the red team's performance and often caused them to lose. Episode 10 has only four red team members remaining, and from the beginning to the end of the dinner service, they are a well oiled machine: Sterling giving a stellar performance on appetizers (and also quickly helping Jennifer once a lot of orders of flatbread were coming in so she wouldn't get swamped), Jennifer rocking the garnish, La Tasha flawlessly on meats, and even the often inconsistent Roe excelling in the fish station, all together delivering a smooth, almost perfect service (the only mistake being a flare up on Roe's station that Ramsay quickly handled) that reached the levels of excellence the red team had achieved in the first dinner service that had Chef Ramsay quite pleased.
  • Sade entering episode 12's amuse-bouche challenge with a dish that included napa cabbage and passion fruit. Gordon and guest judge Tanya Steel are immediately incredulous at this choice of ingredients, and it seems that Sade's going to receive her eighth punishment in a row. Cue both judges declaring the dish to be delicious and giving it 9 out of 10 points, easily winning the challenge.
  • Episode 13's dinner service is a big one for Andi, James and Gordon. They're competing against the whole of the black jacket team, and despite being just three people, they utterly thrash the black jackets. They complete their service quickly and near flawlessly, finishing five tickets ahead of the other team. The only problems they run into are James slightly falling behind on orders and wasting time plating his dishes.

Season 14

  • The majority of the chefs got one in the first episode, where a whopping 15 of the 18 contestants impressed Chef Ramsay (the previous record was 11 out of 18 in season 9). On top of that, all nine members of the blue team earned Ramsay's praise (the only middling reviews going to Randy and Michael, who each got 3 out of 5). But the only two people to earn perfect 5's for their dishes were on the red team (Meghan and T), so all in all, they set the bar high.
  • Randy managing to get a perfect 10 out of 10 from both Chef Ramsay and a high profile Greek chef who had flown all the way from New York to be part of the challenge, in spite of the fact that he had never even eaten a Greek dish before in his life.
  • For anyone sick of the way Michelle is constantly treated by her teammates, in episode 14, Chef Ramsay chews the others out for nominating her for no real reason other than the "process of elimination" instead of Milly, who utterly collapsed on his station.

Season 15

  • Sous Chef Christina ripping Jackie a new one for titling the prep list with a vulgar word.
  • The Red Team absolutely dominates the Blue Team in this season's blind taste challenge by a staggering 8-3. Not only did Red Team win the challenge, but all of their members scored at least two points, and subsequently none of them were blasted by the toppings/whip cream guns.