Awesome / Hell's Gate

  • Crown Prince Janaki has an incredibly badass moment toward the end of Hell Hath No Fury when he directs the defense of Fort Salby's undermanned garrison by his precognitive Glimpses to repeatedly pound the Arcanan advance forces - first obliterating over a dozen dragons and then pushing back a massive cavalry/infantry assault. In order to do so, however, Janaki has to stand in the "nexus", a point where his Glimpses become most clear and effective. What no one else knows, however, is that the "nexus" is the point where Janaki knows he will be killed. Thus he stood there, rooted to that one spot, fully aware that in doing so, he would be killed by a gryphon and knew the exact moment it would hit him. "Chunika s'hari, Halian. Sho warak."
  • At the end of Hell Hath No Fury, the speech to the Conclave has three in rapid succession:
    • First, Emperor Zindel chan Calirath's speech to the Conclave, where he orders the complete mobilization of Sharona's industries and military, and when everyone starts protesting, he literally shouts them into silence and delivers a Rousing Speech calling for the total destruction of Arcana that ends with the entire Conclave delivering a standing ovation.
    • Afterward, Chava Busar attempts to weasel into the throne by demanding that Calirath's daughter marry the son he designates. Zindel's response:
    "The son you designate? Haven't you overstepped your authority by presuming to name which of your lecherous, ill-bred mongrels will have the right to rape my daughter? Do not presume to dictate terms to me!"
    • But the kicker is immediately after ward, when Andrin stands up, shouts them both down and faces Chava directly, telling him in no uncertain terms that while she will accept marriage to one of Chava's sons in order to ensure Sharona is united, she will chose who she marries. Thus passes Andrin Calirath, anxious young Ternathian princess, and thus is born Andrin Calirath, future Queen of Sharona.
  • At the beginning of the third book, The Road to Hell, Andrin states she intends to fulfill her duty. However, after careful reading of the treaty, she reveals that it specifies that Andrin must marry an Urumathian prince. Which means any royal son of any Urumathian family, not just Chava Busar's lineage. Zindel has to specifically order his ministers to act despondent and grieving to avoid giving the plan away by their wicked, gleeful responses to that bit of legal kung-fu.
  • The Sharonan military managed to successfully outmaneuver the Arcanan army, who have the advantages of air superiority and sheer maneuverability and speed, by psyching out the Arcanan forces. First, by making the Arcanans believe that the Arcanans have an unassailable defensive position and building up a large force to supposedly take it, and then redeploying their armies through a line of undeveloped universes and using herculean engineering efforts to built seventeen thousand miles of rail line and infrastructure through endless wilderness. A combination of engineering know-how, intense effort, and commando raids to destroy the Arcanan rear-guard forts leads to the Sharonans cutting off Aracana's supply lines and forcing a complete retreat.
  • When Shaylar is brought before a panel of senior Arcanan officers for questioning, they expect to see a teriffied, isolated woman. Instead, Shaylar cuts loose on them with all of her rage and frustration over the deaths of her friends, her and her husband's abduction, and Arcana's aggression in the war. Her scathing condemnation is both so furious and so on point that she very nearly cows the Arcanan Commandery right there. The presiding Arcanan officer concludes that Shaylar in particular and Sharona as a whole are Worthy Opponents deserving immense respect.
  • At the end of The Road To Hell, Chava Busar tries to assassinate the entire Calirath line in a series of coordinated bombings and an attack on Andrin's yacht, where the assassins will throw her overboard into a sea filled with sharks summoned by a Caller. The whole thing is foiled in rapid succession by Zindel and Andrin both getting Glimpses. Zindel manages to get his family clear of the bombs with the warning from a Death Glimpse, and rushes into his youngest daughter's room to hurl her out of the blast radius. Meanwhile, Andrin's warning lets her new husband Fai get her off the ship before the assassins boarding it can kill her, and he gets her out of her heavy royal gown and keeps her from revealing to the assassins that she's still alive. And just when the sharks are about to attack her, Sharona's orca allies rush in and fight off the sharks.. Then, by sheer chance a student Healer who's working as a servant in the palace manages to get to a mortally-wounded Zindel and keeps him alive through raw force of will until help arrives, defying the Death Glimpse that would have killed him.