Awesome / Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

  • Sonja's crowning moment came in "Terrible Tammy". After the titular villain spends most of the episode picking on Heathcliff, Sonja delivers her a full-scale ass-kicking.
    • Earlier, Heathcliff gets one when he tricks Marcie into thinking Tammy beat him up.
  • Hector of all characters has one in "The Siamese Twins". The twins tie Heathcliff up and place him on a Conveyor Belt of Doom. Just as he's about to be ground by heavy machinery, Hector swings in from the ceiling and carries him off.
  • "Soccer Anyone?": Bush helping the Catillac Cats by becoming their goalie. They win the soccer match when the cats rub steak on the ball.