Awesome / Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • All hail Frank Bryce, the only Muggle to mock Voldemort towards his face. True, he did die, and he did end up screaming when he actually saw what he looked like, but the old man had nerves of steel, befitting of a World War II veteran.
    "Is that right? Lord, is it? Well, I don't think much of your manners, my Lord. Turn round and face me like a man, why don't you?"
    • He later shows up as an "echo" during Harry's fight with Voldemort, taking in a scene out of pure fantasy in surprising stride:
    (On Voldemort) "He was a real wizard, then? Killed me, that one did." (To Harry) "You fight him, boy..."
  • Harry convincing Vernon to let him go to the Quiddich World Cup. How is this awesome? Let's start with after Vernon reads the letter and goes on a rant about how he and Petunia let Harry live under their roof, clearly trying to guilt trip him over having room, food, clothes -
    Harry: Only after Dudley was through with them. (He's wearing an oversized sweatshirt).
  • The Quidditch World Cup. Hogwarts' matches has always been Serious Business, but this is "Quidditch, as Harry had never seen it before". And sadly, which movie-goers wouldn't get to.
  • A small subtle one but after the Death Eaters run from seeing the Dark Mark at the World Cup it's mentioned that Charlie Bill and Percy are all nursing bloody injuries, the Weasleys were right in the thick of that fight.
  • Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret.
  • Harry using his Quidditch skills to face against the dragon and get her egg. Even the judges weren't expecting it.
    • Bagman's reaction; particularly this bit once you realize who's being told to see Harry in action:
    • And Krum, one of the greatest Quidditch players in the world, is genuinely impressed by Harry's flying abilities even though Harry has only been flying for three years.
  • In the second task, Harry stubbornly refuses to leave other prisoners; he comes in last but is awarded second place for his "moral fiber", as Fred and George put it, and more importantly wins respect from the other competitors.
  • Barty Crouch Sr. walking from his home all the way to Hogwarts, while fighting indoctrination by the Imperius Curse the entire time. When Harry finds him, he's barely hanging on to his sanity, but the fact that he was able to do that speaks to some immense willpower. The best Harry, one of the very few people shown to be able to resist the Curse, was able to do was a few seconds, and Junior could only manage a few moments at a time.
  • Harry and Cedric deciding that it didn't really matter which one of them won the tournament, instead just doing it for the honor of Hogwarts. In hindsight, this may not have been such a good idea.
  • Dumbledore blasting through fake Moody's door.
    At that moment, Harry fully understood for the first time why people said Dumbledore was the only wizard Voldemort had ever feared.
  • Snape shoving his Dark Mark in Cornelius Fudge's face, and giving him a lecture that basically amounts to "Here you go, proof that Voldemort is back!" And Fudge is still in denial.
    • Yes, that's right - Snape gives a "F*** you!" to the Minister For Magic and gets off scot free!
    • Snape's not the only Hogwarts Professor to give the Minister a big F-You and get away with it either: McGonagall calls out the Minister for bringing a Dementor into the school and then letting said Dementor using its kiss on Barty Crouch. She then tears into him again when he tries to smear Harry and write off Crouch as lunatic.
    You Fool! Cedric Diggory! Mr. Crouch! These deaths were not the work of a random lunatic!
  • Dumbledore gets quite a few in his argument with Cornelius Fudge. After rebutting all of Fudge's attempts to discredit Harry, he then calmly lays out what Fudge needs to do, utterly curbstomping the minister in the process.
    Dumbledore: The first step, is the immediate removal of all Dementors from Azkaban.
    Fudge: Preposterous! Remove the Dementors? I'll get kicked out of office for suggesting it. Half of us only feel safe in our beds at night because we know the Dementors are guarding Azkaban!
    Dumbledore: The rest of us sleep less soundly, Cornelius, knowing you have put Voldemort's most dangerous supporters in the hands of creatures who will join him the moment he asks them! Voldemort can offer far more scope for their powers and pleasures than you can! With Dementors behind him and his old supporters returned to him, you will be hard pressed to stop him from regaining the power he had 15 years ago!
    Fudge: (Stammers in outrage)
    Dumbledore: The second step you must take, and at once, is to send envoys to the giants.
    Fudge: Envoys to the giants? What madness is this?
    Dumbledore: Extend the hand of friendship to them now, before it is too late.
    Fudge: You- You cannot be serious! (Shakes his head) If the magical community got wind that I had approached the giants- people hate them, Dumbledore- end my career-
    Fudge: Insane... Mad...
    Dumbledore: If your determination to shut your eyes will carry you as far as this, Cornelius, we have reached a parting of the ways. You must act as you see fit and I, I shall act as I see fit.
  • Hermione's revenge on Rita Skeeter.
  • When Rita Skeeter approaches Harry after the first Triwizard task, asking him for "a quick word"...
    Harry: Yeah, you can have a word. GOODBYE!
  • Molly Weasley almost has a public confrontation with Amos Diggory over the way he's treating Harry. Note, Amos is tall and Molly is a tiny, plump woman. Given what said tiny, plump woman did to Bellatrix, she'd probably win.
  • Harry being the only student in the class who is able to fight the Imperius curse and able to beat it completely by the fourth try.
    Moody: Look at that, you lot... Potter fought! He fought it, and he damn near beat it!..Very good, Potter, very good indeed! They'll have trouble controlling you!
  • After Malfoy refuses to do Hagrid's assignment of observing the Skrewts after class, Hagrid finally gets sick of his attitude and asserts his authority:
    Hagrid: Yeh'll do wha' yer told, or Iíll be takin' a leaf outta Professor Moody's book. I hear yeh made a good ferret, Malfoy.
    The Gryffindors roared with laughter. Malfoy flushed with anger, but apparently the memory of Moody's punishment was still sufficiently painful to stop him from retorting.

Priori incantatem

  • The Dark Mark is very well designed.
  • Viktor Krum, as the champion with the most experience with reporters, telling Rita Skeeter to get out of the tent.
    Viktor: "You have no business here. This tent is for champions, and friends."
  • Harry vs. the Horntail. In the film, the dragon breaks free from its bonds, and chases Harry throughout Hogwarts, including across more than a few roofs. Harry gets the upper hand by doing what he does best on a broomstick; swerving at the last second where no else could have, making it too late for the dragon to veer away and smashing into the bridge, momentum flinging it down below. Plus the special effects are absolutely amazing.
  • Snape making Karkaroff practically defecate himself with one simple line:
    Snape: I have nothing to be scared of, Igor. Can you say the same?
    • The answer, in case you are wondering, is "no".
  • When Harry stepped forward to face Voldemort. He knew that he was about to die. But he would not die crawling and begging for mercy. Daniel Radcliffe's expression for that moment just sold it. Completely.
    "Have it your way. EXPELLIARMUS!"
  • Mad-Eye proposes that only an exceptionally powerful Confundus Charm could've fooled the Goblet of Fire into accepting Harry putting his name in the Goblet, and Karkaroff sneers that he sounds like he's put a lot of thought into it. Mad-Eye then growls quietly that it was his job to think like Dark wizards, and asks if Karkaroff remembers. Crouch, Jr. is giving Karkaroff a villainous "The Reason You Suck" Speech which makes it no less awesome.
  • Lily and James Potter protecting Harry from Voldemort and giving him a chance to escape. They may be dead, but they refuse to let anything happen to their son.
  • Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arriving at Hogwarts.
    • The Beauxbatons carriage comes hurtling into the Hogwarts grounds and nearly kills Hagrid on the way down.
    • The Durmstrang ship emerging from the lake is nothing short of awesome, as is the Durmstrang delegation's grand entrance into the Great Hall. Particular mention goes to the music, which was also used in the first teaser trailer.
  • When the jig is up for Crouch, Jr., Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall arriving in the nick of time is just as cool to see as it was in the books.