Awesome / Harper's Island

  • One of the more subtle, awesome moments of the series: Most of the deaths thusfar, baring Shane's and Chloe's, have been sudden, gruesome and completely undignified. In Episode 12, Henry calmly reveals himself as the killer to Trish, expecting that she'll be too shocked to really react, and he'll be able to kill her quickly and without much guilt. Instead, she tells him in devestated whispers that he killed her father and his own brother, and when he casually responds that they had to go, it was part of the plan, she loses it, refusing to go quitely, hitting him repeatedly in the chest screaming "You bastard!" He kills her anyway a moment later, but she dies knowing the truth, that the man she loved was a monster.
  • Danny gets a Dying Moment of Awesome, by holding off Wakefield to buy time for Maddison and Shea to escape. Then holds his own against him and even gets a couple good shots in before he's killied off.
  • Shane's Heroic Sacrifice. Especially since he spent half the season being a Jerk Ass.
  • At the end of Episode 11, when Chloe decides to take away her own life rather than being killed by Wakefield and fearlessly says: "You can't have me".