Awesome / Hanna

Good grief, where does one start?
  • Hanna's improvised bow at the end of the movie, especially the way she fires it.
  • Erik gets one at the start, when he sneaks up on Hanna gutting a deer and declares her dead. You really appreciate this later in the movie, as Hanna's badassitude starts to shine through.
  • Hanna's escape from the underground facility. As badass as it is effortless. The music only makes it better.
  • The chase scene in the Container Maze. Particularly when Hanna saves Sophie from Razor.
  • Hanna being on guard even when fast asleep.
  • Erik wiping the floor with about 8 trained opponents in the deserted subway. The music only heightens the awesome.
  • Erik taking down Isaacs and Titch in spectacular fashion.