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Awesome: Hand of Thrawn
Admiral Pellaeon
  • His use of a modified A-Wing Slash against pirates posing as Garm Bel Iblis (who invented the tactic) in Specters of the Past to prove that they are impostors (and blow away the attackers in the process) counts as one.
  • As does his Big Damn Heroes moment in Visions of the Future when he confronts Disra, Flim and Tierce and to back control of the imperial forces at Yaga Minor from them. All the more so when he gives Tierce a "The Reason You Suck" Speech in which he proves once and for all that he understood Thrawn better than even Thrawn's own (partial) clone.

  • Luke and Mara: They Do
  • At the end of Specter of the Past, Lando tries to escape an Imperial tractor beam by the same means Luke did ten years earlier in The Thrawn Trilogy. At the time, Thrawn promoted rather than punished the tractor beam operator in question because he had tried an innovative solution to try and beat the trick, even though it failed, and Thrawn then ordered him to work on it some more. Now when Lando tries it, the Imperials do have a way to stop it, proving that Thrawn's command style is superior to the Empire's usual You Have Failed Me one.

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