Awesome: Half-Life

  • Okay, so, top of the frelling list here, folks: Father Grigori. Nothing you say can stand up to the fact that he's an Orthodox priest with a rifle and has a problem with his flock.
  • The entirety of Surface Tension in the original Half-Life. Gordon Freeman finally makes it out of Black Mesa... only to discover that the marines and aliens are still fighting, and the marines are constantly bombing the area. So he goes through, fighting marines, aliens, helicopters, turret placements, and main battle tanks, all while the aliens and soldiers fight one another (and in a small CMOA for the Marines, they usually win). Particular highlights include the battle against the squad of soldiers, turret placements, and helicopter at the Dam, Freeman crossing a sheer cliff face crawling with Marines before fighting up and out of a large storm drain covered by an entrenched squad and two tanks, the area where the marines' Osprey continually drops soldiers to kill a group of alien grunts, and Freeman calling in an airstrike on a Gargantua. It's also worth noting that the HECU is monitoring Freeman's every move via the tracking devices in his suit, and set up ambushes for him literally every 10 or 20 square feet; he kills all of them anyway.
  • Even the unnamed mooks get awesome moments:
    • The very first Vortigaunt you encounter in the original game introduces himself by banging on a heavy steel door, making a huge bulge in it, and then hitting it again full force, shattering the door to pieces, before throwing lightning at you.
    • An Alien Grunt in Surface Tension punches a human soldier so hard that he launches him and breaks a concrete wall.
    • The subversion of Air Vent Escape. In Surface Tension, you're crawling through an air vent, like you've done so many times before, with the soldiers below chattering on their radios none the wiser. Then suddenly one of them says "I hear something". Cue the soldier and his buddy shooting the crap out of the vent, causing you to drop right out.
      • Another subversion occurs when you're crawling through a pipe (well, close enough to an air vent). Just when you think you're in the clear, a soldier opens the other hatch and drops a satchel in it. Better run like hell!
  • Episode 1 has Gordon and Alyx cross a definitely strange hospital to reach City 17's train station, the resistance's exfil point. A gunship follows you from outside until halfway, where, in an abandoned wood barn, you can rocket it out of the sky for good. You have to take the gunship out while the gunship fires at you and blows entire portions of the ceiling, slowly revealing itself while you try to find a good spot to fire; it's a hard and amazing battle. Alyx seems very impressed with the feat Gordon pulls at the end.
    Alyx: Jesus, Gordon... you're a real terror!
    • Then you're rewarded with a special gift: shotguns for you and Alyx, and a sweet walk through the hospital while blasting Combine soldiers and zombies. All accompanied with a badass track. Happy fighting!
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two had the first Hunter battle. Alyx hears the Hunters outside and gets all scared, having almost died from her last encounter with them, only to turn around and take a badass pill before commencing to slaughter them all.
  • Any time Dog gets into a fight, an event which will probably involve much car-flinging, flailing of trashcan-sized metal fists, and excessive application of ragdoll physics.
    • In Episode 2, he fights a Strider. He not only wins, but tears that building-sized heavily-armed monstrosity into pieces. By which we mean DOG tears the Strider's BRAIN out.
  • Episode 2, when about sixteen million Antlions come pouring into the chamber where Alyx is being healed. Just when you're running low on ammo, the turrets are frazzled and the mines have run out, three Vortigaunts bust through the ceiling. One of them murmurs, "We will quiet them," and they turn to face the Antlions, revealing that for all their enigmatic proverbs and general butt-ugliness, Vortigaunts are fucking badasses. They proceed to unleash all manner of green-lightning-fueled fury on the Antlions, stunning them with bolts of electricity, frying them with concentrated beams, even judo-throwing them to the ground and exploding them with balls of energy.
    • Their actions in Episode One, where they temporarily free Freeman from the G-Man: Up until that moment, the G-Man was a Smug Snake with no apparent weaknesses, in constant control of the situation, and most of the cast didn't even know he existed. The expression on his face when he realizes he's lost control: priceless. "We'll see... about that."
      • The G-man does get get his own back in Episode Two, with his own CMOA. ("Doctor Freeemaaan. I realize this moment may not be the most convenient for a 'heart-to-heart', but I had to wait until your... 'friends' were otherwise occupied."), topped only by his Take That to Gordon regarding his actions in Half-Life ("There was a time they cared nothing for Ms... Vance; when their only experience of... 'humanity' was a crowbar coming at them down a steel corridor".)
      • Not only was of Freeman but of the Vortigaunts as well. G-Man's Episode Two speech is whole cutscene of awesome. The Vorts knocked the Smug Snake down a peg at the end of Episode One. What does G-Man do? The second he is able to pass the Vorts unnoticed, he gives his badass speech, reveals how he was the one to save Alyx from Black Mesa, and wants Freeman to pay up for his survival by bringing Alyx to White Forest, and gets her to relay a message of doom to Eli as a form of Take That from the man's own daughter. The closest G-Man comes to losing his cool is the occasional tone of anger expressed when enunciating.
      • Hell, it's even a Take That to the player - the message he uses Alyx to deliver is a Title Drop of the first chapter title of Half-Life 1 after the Resonance Cascade.
      • Also; mowing down hunters while killing Striders WITH A PISTOL.
  • Alyx Vance: the scene in Breen's office. Alyx is currently held captive and immobile. She spits in Breen's face when he mentions her mother. Breen comments on Alyx's stubborn nature. Alyx: "You haven't seen a bit of it yet."
  • From the perspective of the other characters, Gordon is a walking CMOA. Alyx would name the defeat of the gunship and then later the Strider in Episode One as Gordon's CMOA.
    • For further illustration on that, at one point in Episode 2, Gordon and a vortiguant are infiltrating an Antlion hive. The vortiguant feels the need to specifically tell Gordon not to kill the Antlion Guard, an insect monster the size of a truck that can throw cars around, laugh off grenades, and the glowing green stuff on it? That's a neurotoxin. About ten minutes after they get what they need from the hive, Gordon gets the go ahead and kills two of them, with little more than a shotgun and the trash that was laying around the valley.
    • And for even further illustration, the first definite objective Gordon is given in Half Life 2 aside from "escape" is to infiltrate a Combine prison and rescue a high priority prisoner, and no-one considers one man doing this to be unusual (granted he later receives a Red Shirt Army of Antlions, but they don't know that). After he succeeds, the resistance takes this as their cue to begin a worldwide revolution and as soon as Gordon appears they follow behind him unquestionably, because things in front of him have a tendency to die.
  • For an average player, the game can last in the area of 6 to 10 hours. This speed run completes the game in less than half an hour.
  • Half Life 2 speed run. The shortcuts taken and techniques used are mindblowing.
  • Storming Nova Prospekt. You are entering an an enemy base, while having an army of antlions at your hands. Plus, Apprehension and Evasion plays at the right time.
  • Barney gets a big one in Blue Shift: He actually gets out of the Black Mesa facility alive without the interference of the G-Man. That's something that Gordon and Adrian DIDN'T do. Not to mention that he does it without an HEV suit or any experimental weaponry, but with just a helmet and a Kevlar vest.
  • The very existence of Gravity Gun.
  • Pick any given moment from the original game out of a hat. Taking out the tentacles with a rocket, killing the Gargantua, destroying helicopters, getting past the trip mines, hell the entire Surface Tension chapter is one big ass CMOA!
  • If you want to give yourself a CMOA, it is entirely possible (through a combination of agility and persistence) to kill an Ant-Lion Guard with a crowbar.
    • It is perfectly possible to kill a hunter with a crowbar and not take damage.
  • It is possible, albeit extremely difficult and tedious, to keep a Resistance fighter alive following you through almost the entirety of the "Follow Freeman!" chapter. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and example of Videogame Caring Potential.
  • The fan remake Black Mesa. Not only was it Saved from Development Hell, Valve and the community greenlit it to be on Steam for FREE. Clearly, Valve's been hiding their Half-Life related stuff for the opportunity to rise.
  • The HEV Suit itself. endurance measured in days (the Reactive armor system seems to run off a separate powersource in-universe) and providing (probably) enhanced physical strength, at the least, greatly boosted Stamina and speed, and ability to function in the face of severe injuries due to built in medical system capable of diagnosis AND treatment, capable of easily going Toe-to-Toe in a combat environment with Milspec Equipment using the Same armor technology, as Powered Armor goes is almost form-fitting given how sleek and compact it is and it is STILL Just as Effective as it was During the initial Cascade 20 years later, against an opponent with far more advanced Technology in general then its creators.
    • Given, the "diagnosis and treatment" is massive doses of painkillers and the structure of the suit taking pressure off of broken bones, but...
  • The Battle of White Forest in Episode 2. Accompanied by some of the most Badass music of the entire franchise, Gordon Freeman nigh-single-handedly goes against an army of Combine, including several Striders and Hunters, in a last-ditch effort to defend the Rebel headquarters. He kills them all and wins... until a pissed off Advisor arrives.
  • After spending a large portion of Route Kanal and Water Hazard in an unarmed airboat and being pursued by a Combine chopper, Gordon finally gets a repurposed chopper pulse gun mounted on his boat. When you come tearing out of the tunnel and the chopper positions itself to ambush you, it reacts to the sudden hail of energy bolts by panicking and flying away for several minutes. It's an amazing way to make the player feel the power they've gained and how much the odds have been evened.

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