Awesome: Heroman

  • Heroman's utter, total defeat of Dr. Minami. And the fact that he saves him makes it all the more win.
    • Also, Joey's arrival to the Washington D.C. battlefield, which involves jumping out of a damaged transport plane over the war-torn city into a wall of anti-aircraft plasma blasts, before surfing on the back of his Humongous Mecha partner into the Horde of Alien Locusts below. Kid knows how to make an entrance.
    • The villains aren't devoid of their own either, as Kogorr demonstrates in episode 25. You don't normally expect someone who's gone One-Winged Angel to fight smart at all, let alone fake a weak point just to draw the hero into impalement range. Better yet, the ruse works.
    • Finally, there's the conclusion of the heroes' battle with the Big Bad. First, Joey summons a massive shield that deflects every bit of Beam Spam Kogorr can throw at them, and then Heroman unleashes a Wave Motion Gun that smears him across the upper atmosphere. Moments later, the aftershock morphs into the series logo.