Awesome: Guyver

  • Sho during the Second battle of Cloud Gate: fakes being stunned by the Vikarr to lure them into a position where he can take them all out; realizes exactly what's up with Evil Aptom and comes up with a near-perfect plan to undo it; accepts Hayami's Heroic Sacrifice to hold Aptom down long enough to finish the job; and, finally, unleashes his true Hot-Blooded Determinator Shōnen Action Hero nature for the first time, well, EVER as he pulls the Gigantic away from Agito, monsters out into the Gigantic Exceed, and takes on Draglord Cablarl. Wow.
  • Despite not being around for too long, The Female Guyver II has one by tearing her way out of a Chronos base, old school style, and finishing off by blasting a hole to the surface to esecape. Considering she tore through a number of Hyper Zoanoids faster than Agito it is quite impressive. She gets a minor second one when facing a Powered Zerebuth by climbing up him, forming a pressure cannon, and SHOVING IT DOWN HIS THROAT. Win.
  • Every time you think Sho's dead, he just comes back in a more awesome way.
    • The first time, he regenerates from the tiniest sliver of material attached to the core metal.
    • The second time, he comes back from a Heroic BSOD after killed his father-turned-Enzyme by becoming the Guyver once more to save Mizuki from Aptom.
    • The third time, he reappears from the Creators' ship's escape pod and becomes Guyver Gigantic.
  • Murakami gets one when he first decks Guyot as the Relic is preparing to leave. He get's an even bigger one when he shots an energy wave and nearly cuts off Guyot's entire arm.
  • Appolyon beating a Zoalord in two chapters.
  • One of the best was Sho regenerating from a tiny piece of genetic material left on the control metal and taking out Chronos Japan, with Guyver III's help of course. In the anime, there's the added bonus that Sho defeats Guyver II during this battle. And the OVA Sho and Agito tag-teaming against a super powered Zextole, that isn't Neo Zektole.
  • The newer anime goes one better with the introduction of Guyver Gigantic and the upgraded version of the Mega Smasher called the Giga Smasher that overwhelms an attack that is stated to be capable of vaporising a fair chunk of Tokyo. And that's just the armour itself since Sho is still unconscious and the armour is operating on auto-pilot.
  • Sho himself probably gets his own when fighting the Zoalord Kabral. It starts by Sho taking the Gigantic Armour from Akito in a sheer battle of wills. Then he proceeds to unleash Gigantic Exceed which matches Kabral in size and firepower
  • Aptom's probably comes at the end of the same fight completing his Heel Face Turn while showing off his new battle form and issuing the Coup De Grace on Kabral who is trying to escape in his non-combat form
  • Another for Aptom. In the 12th book While Sho battles Imakarum Agito and Aptom are getting torn apart by the newly created and extremly dangerous Enzyme II Is. What is Aptom's plan? He procceds to lead the four away, takes their furious swipes, grabs two with his arms and two more with his tentacles and has Agito pulverize all of them with the Megasmasher, which is a wall of fire that can level mountains. What kind of helps Aptom survive is he can regenerate, and created a minor shield to protect his head and part of his body. Still it's more bad ass when you remember that he actually feels it when his limbs are fried or cut off.
  • Archanfel's return. He'd been built up for quite a while as this incredibly badass Zoalord, but when he showed up, threatening Guyot, Guyot tossed him into a black hole. Well, crap. However, when Guyot and the Guyvers are facing off, space tears asunder, and Archanfel pulls himself out, in all his Zoalord glory. Let me repeat that: he climbed out of a black hole. After that, he crushes Guyot like a bug, and when Guyvers I and II both use their Megasmashers on him, he deflects the attack and sends it back at them. Screw Informed Ability, Archanfel is Bad Ass!
  • While most fans like to pretend the live actions films never happened, when Sean dives off a cliff, transforms, and runs off at high speed to save his love interest, I cheered. Also, Guyver vs Guyver-Zoanoid. Given how the armors always boost people's abilities at the same rate, it's an awesome moment that Sean managed to hold his own with Crane.
    • There's a moment during the cliff-dive when the armor practically turns into wings during the transformation, which really makes the scene.
  • Guyver has a couple, but probably the best was regenerating from a tiny piece of genetic material left on the control metal and taking out Chronos Japan, with Guyver III's help of course. In the anime, there's the added bonus that Sho defeats Guyver II during this battle. In the manga, on the other hand, he ends up fighting a clone made from his own disembodied arm.
  • A little cliche, but seeing The Guyver save a baby in the 2005 anime was pretty awesome.
  • Valcuria gets a few in record time. She brutally fights her way out of a base to mark her debute. Her second fight has her beating four Enzymes with minimum help, via Aptom in the shadows with an ice power, then she killed Powered Zerebuth with a pressure cannon down his throat.
  • Shizu gets one by defeating Valcuria. She sacrifces her arm just to finally land a hit on the damaged Guyver II, by swinging around a second after getting her arm sliced off and chopping Valcuria in the forehead.
  • Sho's third uninvited entrance into Cloud Gate is the smoothest ever. it helps Aptom was over his body and thus able to cloak him too. Many fans are saying this was an awesome treat.
  • It's from the very weak first film but Sean kills his first Zoanoid by tearing off its arm, snapping it neck and then throws it away in a matter of seconds. The display of brutal efficiency fits very well into Guyver and certainly Steve Wang's work, sadly cut from the U.S. DVD.