Awesome / Guild Wars 2

  • When Anet finally decided to nerf the champion train in Queensdale - meaning players would finally be able to explore the zone without being run over various bots, farmers, and power levelers in the neverending Zerg Rush.
  • The final confrontation against Scarlett Briar. After she uses an explosive that leaves Marjory out cold and burned with Braham limping from injury. Rox can only tend to them due to the severity of Marjory's injuries..leaving the player and an enraged Kasmeer to team up against her. Kasmeer puts her illusionary magic to best use screaming death on Scarlett, allowing you to get in and strike her down before dealing the final blow and putting an end to one of the most notorious villains in player mind considering what she did to the main player hub, Lion's Arch (Which still hasn't been fully repaired nearly a year later).
  • The Dragon's Reach: Part 1. Not only are things finally heating up, but the final scene definently showcases something that has the potential to be a Crowning Moment of Awesome if executed well.
  • The end of Dragon's Reach: Part 2 involves the Player Character going up against the Shadow of Mordremoth and driving it away. Alone. In other words, you beat Mordremoth's equivalent to the Shatterer, Tequatl the Sunless, and the Claw of Jormag all by yourself and live to tell the tale.
    • To make it even better, your character explicitly compares it to Blightghast, the champion of Zhaitan that took over Claw Island and required the combined efforts of all three Orders to take down. This time, you're stranded alone with the dragon. And you win. But the real kicker? Blightghast also killed your mentor. In a roundabout way, It's Personal.
  • Some of the elite abilities that the player can pull off are in their own way pretty awe-inspiring and definitely worth the hero points if anything for the spectacle alone.
    • For the Elementalists, maxing out the Cantrip skill tree will result in the Tornado ability. After a quick twirl, the player vanishes and is replaced by a huge... well, tornado. Anything within the area of effect will get hurled backwards, and all the while the player can shoot lightning bolts, stone debris or dust devils from themselves.
    • If an Elementalist chooses to max out the Conjuration skill tree, they'll get the Fiery Greatsword ability. A huge burning blade is summoned forth from the heavens and planted in the ground, along with one being formed in the user's hands. Not only is it flashy, it's practical, too. In order, its five attacks are chucking gobs of flame at the enemy, causing an eruption at a target's feet, whirling forwards with the blade outstretched, leaping at your target and smashing them with it and calling down a firestorm on the target area.
    • The elite racial abilities are nothing to sneeze at, either. A level 31 Charr, for example, will have access to the Charrzooka. It does precisely what you'd expect it to, and it even comes with the ability to perform a Rocket Jump backwards and rain down rockets on a target location.
  • Rytlock makes one hell of a return entrance from the Mists in Heart of Thorns.
    "Sharpen your blades and guard your vitals! I'm back!"