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Awesome: Green Lantern: First Flight
  • The final battle between Hal and Sinestro. One of them wields a yellow ring that allows him to utterly devastate the Green Lantern Corps singlehandedly, and the other just absorbed all the energy at the very core of the central power battery. Cue a battle so intense that the combatants are literally smashing MOONS into each other. E. E. “Doc” Smith would have been proud.
  • Kilowog definitely gets this not only for being the only Green Lantern willingly face death rather than bow to Sinestro, even after the Guardians had surrendered, but his small but powerful quip after Sinestro crash lands next to him? Pure Awesome.
  • After being defeated, Sinestro sits on the ground, looking utterly humiliated. Then Kilowog decides that isn't good enough and stomps on his hand to destroy the yellow ring.
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