Awesome / Grant Morrison's Batman

  • In Batman RIP, how about having created a back-up personality, the Batman of Zurr En Arrh, in the case of a psychological attack? Or escaping a plot to steal his memories to make evil clones with them by using his bad memories and traumas as weapons to break out from the breed of foe that only New God Mr. Miracle had overcome powering the machine keeping him under control? Say what you will of Morrison's overall run, he made Batman a badass not only in mind and body but in soul as well, and it rocked.
  • From the end of Batman RIP;
    Batman, narrating: 206 bones, five major organs, 60,000 miles of blood vessels. All it takes is time. Days. Months. Years, spent memorizing the finite ways there are to hurt and break a man. Preparing for all of them. I've escaped from every conceivable deathtrap. Ten times. A dozen times. I can slow my breathing and metabolism to control panic and conserve air. Straitjacket's kindergarden. Locks, too. Benchpressing a pine coffin lid through 600 pounds of loose soil that's filling your mouth, crushing your lungs flat and shredding your dehydrated muscles? That's harder.
    (bursts out of the ground)
    But far from impossible.
  • The entire ending of Batman R.I.P. is pretty good. The Black Glove has managed to attack harder than any other villain has before, Batman has none of his allies around at the moment, and he still wins.
    • The Joker telling the Black Glove exactly why they will lose to Batman, from experience, and that he's not going to work for them. It happens to sound a lot like the explanation from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
      • The speech the Joker gives is a Moment of Awesome for the Joker for several reasons. For me it's the fact one of the people Joker is speaking to may, or may not literally be the devil. The Joker acknowledges this but claims to be something worse, or, at least, superior: "Devil is double, is deuce my dear doctor, and joker trumps deuce... Pleased to meet you, admire your work but don't, don't call me servant."
    • The Joker's speech also gives one to Batman, as the Joker admits that many of his crime sprees really are just random acts from his perspective...but also that Batman always manages to find a pattern anyway.
    • "In my attempts to see clearly in the deepest dark, in my efforts to go to the still eye in the storm of madness, did I open up myself to some pure source of evil? Did I finally reach the limits of reason? And find the Devil waiting? And was that fear in his eyes?"
    • "The Black Glove always wins!" - Cue Bruce's black-gloved fist meeting face.
    • "Love? Thank Alfred's acting lessons!"
  • "You're wrong! Batman and Robin will never die!"
  • The Legionary landing a bone-crushing backhand on his murderer while suffering from multiple stab wounds in the back.
  • "Man-of-Bats" and Boy-Wonder defeating the Blood tribe and its leader, Vandal Savage.
  • Damian's battle against the 99 Fiends.
  • Dick Grayson telling us exactly who he is.
    Gordon: I allowed you access to a suspect and you dragged him screaming through the streets! Who the hell are you?
    Dick Grayson: I'm Batman.
  • One word: GOTCHA!
  • Simon Hurt thinks he has beaten Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin, and even as they're getting ready, he turns and sees Bruce Wayne, suited up and ready to fight. I got chills.
    Dick Grayson: Bat-god.
    • Then three more words: IT'S ALL OVER.
    • Hurt asks for a sign from his "bat-god" Barbatos. Bruce smashes his faces into a glass pane. "Did you think you could trap me in a prison that I built?!"
  • Issue 16 of Batman and Robin.
    • The Joker makes Dr. Hurt slip on a banana peel, poisons him, and buries him in a coffin with no way out WHILE giving him "The Reason You Suck" Speech only to be knocked out by Dick.
    • Especially the end, where Bruce reveals that he's been "funding" Batman. Word of God has it that this is part of Bruce's strategy now that there are multiple Batmen - he deflects attention off himself AND allows himself the opportunity to set up a franchise of Batmen.
  • The cliffhanger ending of the New 52's Batman Incorporated #10 - Talia casually boasts about how her victory over Batman is inevitable, and just as the countdown to Gotham's destruction is about to expire, a guard spots something in the night sky, something that even scares Talia - A berserk Batman clad in both the Suit of Sorrows, a prototype exoskeleton, and injected with a modified Manbat serum, gliding towards the building flanked by swarms of bats, presumably to destroy Leviathan single-handedly. It also helps that Bruce's monologue calls back to the famous origin speech;
    Talia: (Upon seeing Batman) No. He wouldn't...
    Batman: (Narrating, and coming straight towards the camera, roaring): I shall become a bat.
  • YMMV, but the way Batman dealt with Joe Chill could very well count. Batman has FINALLY found the man who murdered his parents. The man who started all the pain and suffering that would send him into becoming Batman in the first place. He could have just beaten him down to a pulp, like he may have always dreamed of doing; but instead, he punishes this man like Batman: by scaring him and terrorizing him. In the end, he even reveals to Chill who he is; and that knowledge, and the fact that, if someone knows he "created" Batman, he would be dead, pushed him into committing suicide.. Many would argue this was more like Character Derailment for Batman or Nightmare Fuel; but let's just agree that it's kind-of epic to finally see Batman punish the man who killed his parents and put an end to that story.