Awesome / Grandia

  • Justin, Sue and Feena finally getting on top of the End of the World.
  • Everytime Justin goes on a Let's Get Dangerous! moment.
  • Feena has been kidnapped by the head of the local Adventurers Society who is convinced Feena is in love with him - and will force her into an arranged marriage. Justin has already been knocked silly by their bodyguard but when he comes to what does he do? Storm the church with Sue in an attempt to rescue Feena anyway!
  • The night before Justin leaves for New Parm, he decides not to let his mother know he's leaving. Turns out she knows and sneaks a letter into his things - which contains a plea for the Adventurers Society to accept Justin, a scolding for Justin for reading the letter and words of utter pride in what he's become. Aww.