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Awesome: Gran Turismo
  • Getting gold on every license in any game of the series. It's frustrating, mercilessly hard and some tests can make you cry due to constant failure. But as soon as you get gold on the last license test, you feel accomplished. It's truly a great experience.
    • Driving Missions and Special Events also counts. Very few managed to get all gold on the Sebastian Vettel X Challenge in 5. Fewer managed to do it WITH A DUAL-SHOCK 3.
    • In Gran Turismo 2, getting all gold on the Super License(The hardest of them all since ALL of the 10 tests focus on time trial.) will reward you the Toyota GT-ONE Race Car. You can already do races that other people couldn't at the start.
    • This can also apply to GT 3's time trials. Even before you so much as touch simulation mode, you can go beat the time trials, which rewards you with the Panoz Esperante GTR-1, a 588-horsepower racing machine that's fast enough to take on almost anything it can legally enter. Or alternatively, sell it for 500 grand.
  • The series itself; the popularity of the first iteration proved that sim racers could be widely accessible to a large audience, opening the door for more realistic racing games to co-exist alongside the previously dominant arcade racing genre.
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