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Awesome: Gran Torino
  • In Gran Torino (despite the fact that he goes on to use the phrase 'jabbering gooks' (he has a heart of gold, really) Walt's line, issued down the barrel of his badass rifle: 'Get off my lawn' is up there with 'Well do ya? Punk?!' The way he snarls it makes you think that if he didn't have his gun he'd be threatening to bite their heads off!
    • Also in Gran Torino, the scene where Walt says: 'Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn't have fucked with? That's me.'
  • Real Life one: After almost half a century of international stardom, this is the movie that officially made Clint Eastwood, at age 78, the oldest leading man starring in a #1 box office hit. Can we just give the man a round of applause for his stamina?
  • Walt's final showdown against Spider's gang. Unarmed and facing them with absolutely no fear whatsoever, despite having witnessed first hand what they were capable of. Granted, he was already dying from lung cancer anyway, but the sentiment is still there.
  • A meta example, Bee Vang was an unknown actor at the time before starring in this film, the scene where Walt teaches Thao to act like a man could really double as Clint teaching Bee how to act.
  • Father Janovich has his moments. First, not giving up on Walt no matter how many times Walt insults him. Telling him off in regards to stronger men than Walt have gone to confession. The latter of which impresses Walt. Finally giving a better sermon than the opening one at Walt's funeral.
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