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Awesome: Gosick
  • Kazuya beating down an axe-wielding lunatic twice his size with a pair of brass knuckles. Specifically, the guy was wielding a fricking halberd.
  • Victorique's solution to a murderous Phantom Thief threatening Kazuya, handily putting paid to any speculation by either about her potential non-existence.
  • Brian Roscoe's most legendary feat of stage magic, the Felling Maria incident, in which he single-handedly stopped a German bombing raid on a convent during World War I with a well-placed projector.
  • Victorique and Kazuya disarming a bomb with a gun. While standing on the front of a moving train.
  • Cordelia finally confronting Albert de Blois and besting him in a freaking sword-fight.
  • Episode 17: We present Kazuya outrunning an ocean while carrying Victorique.
  • Many of Victorique's solutions to mysteries even if some seem obvious to the viewer because she doesn't have the benefit of the writers making the important details obvious.
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