Awesome: Godzilla (1954)

  • For stunt actor, Haruo Nakajima, simply donning the gray rubber suit and playing Godzilla counts as one of these. For the record, the original Godzilla suit weighed over 200 pounds. Thanks to the fact it was made of gray rubber and that filming had to take place under powerful studio lights, the internal temperature could reach up to 120 degrees farenheit. Nakajima went on to collapse several times over the filming process from heat exhaustion. Because the only ventilation was in the form of a few tiny holes in the neck of the suit, he couldn't film for more than three minutes at a time without risking suffocation. The suit was practically a death trap. Furthermore, he had to move quickly in order to match the speed of the collapsing props to compensate for the fact that the scenes with Godzilla were being filmed at high speed (to increase the sense of size when played back at normal speed). At one point, exposed wiring within the suit actually gashed Nakajima's leg quite badly. To make things even more awesome, after finishing Gojira, Nakajima went on to play the King of the Monsters again! In fact, he went on to play, not just Godzilla, but several Toho monsters all the way up until his retirement in 1972.
  • The news crew relaying the destruction of Godzilla's rampage. Even when the big lizard has the tower in his mouth, they keep reporting until the bitter end.
  • Dr. Serizawa, in its own sober and depressing way, one hit kills a giant monster before killing himself.