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Awesome: God, the Devil and Bob
  • Bob therapizing God and the Devil when the former forgets the latter's birthday and then browbeating them into raking his lawn (after they pretty much destroyed it playing croquet).
  • Bob getting the Devil out of his house by singing Tony Orlando songs. It wasn't as complicated as it sounds.
  • Smeck standing up to Satan and chewing him out.
  • What're God's final words to Satan in the first episode? "Go to hell."
  • A meta example for the creators who decided to take the high road and actually make God a likable, if flawed, character while also making playful (not malicious) jabs at Christianity when they could've easily just gone the other route like many other shows. Sadly, people didn't see this and saw the show as offensive to Christianity, which is why the show didn't last.
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