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Awesome: God Eater Burst
  • Many of these are possible in gameplay, such as showing up Lindow by soloing an Ouroboros. A later mission, known as "Thor's Banquet", has you facing off against four Vajra. Alone. By this point in the game, you can tear through them.
  • Shio gets one in the ending of the original storyline, hauling the entirety of Nova away to the moon to prevent the Devouring Apocalypse.
    • In the same vein, Ren, the manifestation of Lindow's God Arc, protecting Lindow from being defeated by Corrosive Hannibal, coupled with something of a Crucified Hero Shot.
  • The Protagonist gets a few in cutscenes, especially in the Burst storyline. Namely, Dual Wielding his/her and Lindow's God Arc, telling Lindow to not run away from living, punctuating the statement with That's an Order, before double-stabbing Corrosive Hannibal in the mouth, tearing the mouth apart and punching directly into the Core.
    • Earlier, the Protagonist wields Lindow's God Arc (something that should never be done) after his/her God Arc is broken, in order to defend the Den from an Aragami invasion. Granted, Ren does most of the actual saving.
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