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aka: God Eater Burst

For the franchise as a whole:

  • Many of these are possible in gameplay, such as showing up Lindow by soloing an Ouroboros. A later mission, known as "Thor's Banquet", has you facing off against four Vajra. Alone. By this point in the game, you can tear through them.
  • Shio gets one in the ending of the original storyline, hauling the entirety of Nova away to the moon to prevent the Devouring Apocalypse.
    • In the same vein, Ren, the manifestation of Lindow's God Arc, protecting Lindow from being defeated by Corrosive Hannibal, coupled with something of a Crucified Hero Shot.
  • The Protagonist gets a few in cutscenes, especially in the Burst storyline. Namely, Dual Wielding his/her and Lindow's God Arc, telling Lindow to not run away from living, punctuating the statement with That's an Order!, before double-stabbing Corrosive Hannibal in the mouth, tearing the mouth apart and punching directly into the Core.
    • Earlier, the Protagonist wields Lindow's God Arc (something that should never be done) after his/her God Arc is broken, in order to defend the Den from an Aragami invasion. Granted, Ren does most of the actual saving.
  • Gilbert, the Protagonist of the second game, and Haru all get a unified Crowning Moment in the mission to finally take down the Rufus Caligula. At first, things look bad; Gil is hurt, and the Protagonist has lost their God Arc defending from its attack. The former, however, gets his second wind, and as he gathers himself, Haru aims a shot at Kate's God Arc, digging it further into the Rufus Caligula's oracle cells. This leaves the Protagonist free to kick it that much further and deepen the wound. But it doesn't stop there. Gil charges in, having garnered the will to fight on and not repeat his mistake, and unleashes his Power of Blood, putting the Rufus Caligula down once and for all.
  • In God Eater 2: Undercover, Yuu Kannagi shows in Chapter 1 just how much of a badass he is by cutting a Chi-You in two with a single swing.
    • While Yuu is badass at least in the beginning of Undercover manga, unfortunately for him starting in Chapter 5, he become a wimp.

For the Anime:

  • Episode 3 has many moments:
  • Lindow's Big Damn Heroes moment in Episode 6 when he saves Lenka and Alisa from an army of Aragami.
  • Lenka manages to drain an Aragami out of a dam in Episode 7.
  • Lenka and Soma teaming up in Episode 9, and Lenka telling Soma that he's no shinigami at all.
  • In episode 12, Lenka arriving to help Lindow against a horde of Vajras with his new God Arc while falling from the sky.

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