Awesome / Glengarry Glen Ross

  • Blake's "motivational" speech to the salesmen, which is really a litany of insults and beatdowns on an unhappy group of workers struggling to make sales. A tour-de-force performance by Alec Baldwin and the most memorable part of the film.
  • Roma's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Williamson.
  • Levene tries to provoke one of these at the end when, inspired by Roma's speech above, he finally stands up to Williamson, but it's ultimately subverted: in his eagerness, he lets slip something that gives him away as the person who robbed the office the previous night. Williamson picks up on it and spitefully uses it to destroy him.
  • Levene describing his "great" sale to Roma. It's a tour de force of acting from Jack Lemmon:
    Levene: "Bruce, Harriett... we have to admit to ourselves that we see that opportunity and take it... and that's it." Now, we just sit there. I got my pen out.
    Roma: "Always Be Closing."
    Levene: God, that's what I've been saying... the old ways. Convert that motherfucker, sell him, make him sign the check. They got their money in government bonds, I said, "Fuck it... let's go all the way, the whole route." I take it and plat it out... eight units, 82 grand, and I say to them, "This is now. This is that thing that you have been dreaming of. You are going to find the suitcase on the train. The man walks in the room, that bag is filled with money. Harriett, this is it, and Bruce... I don't want to fuck around with you. No, I don't. I don't want to pussyfoot around. You think you got to look back on this thing? I do, too. Now, I'm here to do good for you and me... the both of us. What is the point of some interim position? The only arrangement I will accept is full investment. And I mean it, that's it... all eight units. Period." Now I got the pen in my hand, Rick... hey. I turned that contract around... that's eight units, 82 grand... and I said, "I want you to sign." I sat there five minutes. Then I sat 22 minutes by that kitchen clock on the wall. Ricky... not a word, not a motion. And what am I thinking? "Is my arm getting tired?" No. I did it. Just like the old days, like I used to, like I was taught. I did it.
    Roma: Like you taught me.
    Levene: Nobody ever... well, if I did, I'm glad. No, what I did... I locked on 'em. I locked all on them... nothing on me... on them. And, oh God, I am holding my last thought, "Now is the time." They signed. It was great. It was so fucking great. It was like they wilted all at once.
    Roma: Mmm.
    Levene: No gesture, nothing... just together. Honest to God, they both imperceptibly slumped. And then he reached and he took the pen and he signed, passed it to her and she signed. It was solemn... fucking solemn. I let it sit, and then I nodded. I said, "Harriett, Bruce," then I pointed into the living room to the sideboard. I didn't know there was a sideboard in there. He went over, he brought us back a drink, little shot glasses with a pretty design in 'em. And we just toasted in silence.