!!Original 1992 Version

[[folder:In General...]]
* Any time a Gladiator was defeated in their "specialty" event, such as Shadow in Duel, or Cobra, Jet, and Lighting in Hang Tough (all of which happened at least once).

[[folder:Series 1 (1992)]]
* ?

[[folder:Series 2 (1993-94)]]
!!!'''Battle of the Gladiators'''
* John Fashanu trading in his microphone for a contender's uniform, and ultimately winning the competition.

[[folder:Series 3 (1994-95), incl. International Gladiators 1]]
!!!'''Quarterfinal 3'''
* Kerryn Sampey and Melissa Spackman, after a scoreless first event, completely embarrass the Gladiators in Powerball, scoring a combined 24 points (Kerryn--13, Melissa--11).

!!!'''International Gladiators Heat 2'''
* Phil Norman's (GBR) performance during the entire heat, such as...
** Scoring a perfect 10 on four events--Gauntlet, Pursuit, Pyramid, and Duel--plus an extra six points in Powerball.
** He also managed to finish the Eliminator course despite slipping off the zipline and falling nearly thirty feet.
** Oh, and he [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming proposed to his girlfriend after he won]]. She said "yes".

!!!'''International Gladiators Heat 3'''
* Kyler Storm's (USA) high-scoring Swingshot, getting three reds in one swing, and four blues in another. For those unaware, in Swingshot, yellow balls are worth 1 point, blue balls are worth 2, and red balls worth 3.

!!!'''International Gladiators Heat 4'''
* Adrienne Sullivan (USA) racking up 45 points to her opponent Riika Hartikainen's (FIN) eight points, including 10 points in Powerball, 10 in Pursuit, [[RuleOfThree 10 in Pyramid]], a hard-fought draw in Hang Tough against Jet, and she became the first contender to defeat Nightshade in the Duel (albeit by disqualification c/o an [[Wrestling/MikeAdamle Adamle]] [[Main/FanNickname Jinx]][[labelnote:Explanation]](An "Adamle Jinx" is when presenter Mike Adamle praises a contender or Gladiator on commentary, only for them to lose immediately afterwards.)[[/labelnote]]).

!!!'''International Gladiators Grand Final'''
* Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry (USA) getting by Sabre (USA), Trojan (GBR), Terminator (FIN), Hawk (USA), and Saracen (GBR) in the Gauntlet in '''''9.8''''' seconds.

[[folder:Series 4 (1995-96), incl. The Ashes 1, Battle of the Champions, and International Gladiators 2]]
!!!'''Ashes Heat 1'''
* While she ultimately lost to Britain's Kerryn Sampey, Australia's Kerry Warman does have the pleasure of being the first contender to defeat Lightning in Hang Tough. She also managed to outrun Jet on the Wall.

!!!'''Battle of the Champions'''
* Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry (International Champion) overcoming a five-second head start deficit to win the Battle of the Champions, setting an Eliminator record in the process. He also handed Hunter his first loss in the Duel.

!!!'''International Gladiators Semifinal 1'''
* Peggy Odita's (USA) performance, which included a perfect 10 points in Skytrak, The Wall, Gauntlet, and Duel, plus an astounding 15 points in Swingshot (which was a record at the time), giving her 55 points and an 18.5 second head start over her opponent (initially British champion Janet Allen, who was replaced by quarterfinalist Jackie Kinsella after being injured in the Gauntlet) in the Eliminator. [[{{Determinator}} Not even a few Travelator stumbles could stop her from moving on to the grand final.]]
* In that same semifinal, Australian champion Andrew Halliday accumulated 45 points, including a perfect 10 in Swingshot, The Wall, and Gauntlet (due to a holding foul on German Gladiator Flash which prevented Andrew from completing the event in under 20 seconds), plus an additional 15 points in Swingshot.

!!!'''International Gladiators Grand Final'''
* After being shut out in Pole-Axe, all four contenders came back with a vengeance in Powerball. In the women's match, Australian champion (and future Gladiator) Lourene Bevaart scored 15 points, while American champion Peggy Odita scored '''23'''. As for the boys, American champion Pat Csizmazia scored 14 points, while Australian champion Andrew Halliday scored 18 despite sustaining a shoulder injury during the event ([[GameBreakingInjury which would ultimately force him to pull out of the competition after worsening the injury in Hang Tough]]).
* Speaking of Peggy, she later became the first and only contender to defeat Jet in Hang Tough. She also defeated Australian Gladiator Flame in the Duel (prior to that Duel, Flame had only lost once before...to Lourene in the Australian Series 2 Grand Final).

[[folder:Series 5 (1996-97), incl. The Ashes 2]]
!!!'''Ashes Grand Final'''
* Australian Series 3 Champion Paul Reynolds becoming the first contender to outright defeat Saracen in Hang Tough (Sara had once been disqualified way back in the first series for using a headlock against a contender while bringing him down), ultimately culminating in him defeating UK Series 4 Champion Mark Everitt (the lone British contender to win his heat) in the Eliminator to claim the Ashes for Australia.

[[folder:Series 6 (1997-98), incl. Springbok Challenge]]
!!!'''Springbok Challenge Grand Final'''
* British contenders Mark Mottram (also the Series 5 grand champion) and Brian Whittle each scoring 44 points against the Springbok Gladiators. Brian scored in every event (10 apiece in Duel, Pendulum, Tightrope, and Hang Tough, as well as 4 in Powerball), while Mark scored the maximum in Pendulum, Tightrope, and Hang Tough, plus an incredible 14 points in Powerball, with 12 of those points coming from the centre basket.

[[folder:Series 7 (1998)]]
* ?

[[folder:Series 8 (1999-2000)]]
* Bringing back John Fashanu and previous champions for the final abbreviated series.
* Gladiator Lightning competing just three weeks after giving birth to son Lexus. True, she was limited to the Wall during this series, but she's still the only female Gladiator to appear during the entire original run.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4y336ZI5pg The Battle of the Giants]], where the male Gladiators faced off against each other in the various events.
* In what also doubles a HeartwarmingMoment, men's Supreme Champion Dave Walter offering to share a portion of his prize money with Piers Bryant, whom he replaced in the second heat when Piers was injured in the Gauntlet.

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