Awesome: Girls

  • When Hannah convinces Adam to do his play. The entire 1x08 episode shows Adam and Hannah are an awesome couple, and she makes him a better artist.
    Adam: I'm going to do that fucking play. I'm going to do it so you can watch it.
  • Ray tearing Desi a new one, saying all kinds of thing the audience wanted to say to him all season long:
    Ray: Donít ever think that you get on stage anywhere where the vast majority of the crowd doesn't think, Ďdouche!í Douche! You know how you feel when you watch Imagine Dragons play? Well thatís how we feel about you. And you know what Imagine Dragons are great, and youíre the douche.
  • "Home Birth," the Season 4 finale, had CMOAs for all four of the main cast:
    • Marnie puts on a good performance after Desi fails to come through at an important gig.
    • Shoshanna seizes her destiny by taking a job offer in Japan rather than depend on a guy that doesn't love her.
    • Jessa seems to have found a calling after helping with Caroline's delivery.
    • Hannah finally breaks the cycle with Adam and finds love with someone she seems genuinely happy with.