Awesome / Girls

  • When Hannah convinces Adam to do his play. The entire 1x08 episode shows Adam and Hannah are an awesome couple, and she makes him a better artist.
    Adam: I'm going to do that fucking play. I'm going to do it so you can watch it.
  • Adam's Race for Your Love at the end of Season 2 after seeing a devastated Hannah with a homemade haircut on Skype, while skyping her and racing through several blocks to her apartment where he uses his body to knock her door down. Just an athletic feat of awesomeness with and old-fashioned liplock and Bridal Carry.
  • Shoshanna's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Hannah, Jessa, and Marnie for how they act and how they treat her "like a cab driver" and ignore her.
    • She gets another one in the penultimate episode, calling the group's narcissistic, destructive, and toxic behavior out, asserting that she has a new friends group full of well-adjusted and kind women and has become her own confident adult with a fiance in tow, and effectively ends the group in a devastatingly realistic and understandable way.
  • Hannah getting accepted into the writer's workshop in Iowa. Her look at the end is so gleeful.
  • Ray tearing Desi a new one, saying all kinds of thing the audience wanted to say to him all season long:
    Ray: Donít ever think that you get on stage anywhere where the vast majority of the crowd doesn't think, Ďdouche!í Douche! You know how you feel when you watch Imagine Dragons play? Well thatís how we feel about you. And you know what Imagine Dragons are great, and youíre the douche.
  • "Home Birth," the Season 4 finale, had CMOAs for all four of the main cast:
    • Marnie puts on a good performance after Desi fails to come through at an important gig.
    • Shoshanna seizes her destiny by taking a job offer in Japan rather than depend on a guy that doesn't love her.
    • Jessa seems to have found a calling after helping with Caroline's delivery.
    • Hannah finally breaks the cycle with Adam and finds love with someone she seems genuinely happy with.
  • Jessa in the Season 5 premiere saves what could've been a disastrous wedding day by drying hers and Hannah's bridesmaid dresses, re-doing the Uncanny Valley Makeup the make up artist gave Marnie, and other cosmetic disasters.
  • Shoshanna's work day in Japan is this: the ditzy, insecure girl from Brooklyn seems a stranger compared to the more confident, Japanese speaking, and socially blossoming ex pat in Tokyo.
  • The Panic In Central Park, both in show and meta for the fans: Marnie has an incredible time and later tells Desi she dislikes being married to him. Take That, Scrappy! indeed.
  • Hannah formally splitting up with Fran at the beginning of Love Stories, she has both gave him a gentle version of "The Reason You Suck" Speech by detailing how he doesn't even like her and how he's so judgy and it doesn't really matter who is the asshole, and she has proven how she slightly matured over the years.
    • Shoshanna forming her plan to make Ray's the anti-hipster cafe.
    • Hannah, with a former frenemy get high, and when they see Jessa and Adam...they start laughing and the couple are called "Miss" and "Sir". They were high, but considering how angsty Hannah was when she found out about them, it shows how far she came.
  • I Love You Baby
    • Ray's as an anti-hipster cafe is a huge hit, attracting more customers and a journalist wanting to write about them.
    • Hannah telling her own story at The Moth and realizing how she is so over being jealous and betrayed by Jessa and Adam, she even noted leaving a fruit basket for them with a cordial letter.
    • After being closeted and wimpy, Tad finally gets the nerve to approach the guy he left in the lurch and looks like as though they'll have sex or start a relationship.
    • Hannah calling out her parents, when they stop by to see her unexpectedly, after they laugh at her saying (genuinely) that she's running. She states it gives her endorphin which she needs because the stress their relationship and mid-life crisis puts on her.
    • Hannah doing a triumphant run at the end, she is genuinely happy, the longest she has been in a long time.
  • All I Ever Wanted
    • Hannah's piece "Losing My Best Friend To My Ex-Boyfriend" is in a newspaper. She is finally published somewhere after a whole series of her struggling with her craft. Marnie's face as she reads the piece is sweet.
    Hannah's in print!.