Awesome / Girl vs. Monster

  • Skylar effortlessly fixing the banner in the opening scene, using nothing but her gymnastics skills and some help from Henry.
  • Skylar's response when Myra threatens to ruin her life:
    Skylar: I'm pretty sure that in order for that to happen, I would have to care what you think.
  • One for the Big Bad: Deimata effortlessly defeating Skylar's parents, also known as the monster hunters who sealed her the first time around.
  • Skylar's singing Shut Up, Hannibal! to Deimata. (She'd earlier experienced a crippling fear of singing in public, so this is her proving that she's no longer afraid. It loosens Deimata's hold over Ryan enough for him to finally ask Skylar out, thus facing his own fear and kicking Deimata out of his body.)
  • Skylar and co. beating Deimata, thanks to her parents finally trusting her and getting over their fear of something bad happening to her, which is feeding Deimata.
    Skylar: "Who's your monster now?"