Awesome / Ginga Densetsu Weed

Tropes used in the animated adaptation:

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: So, so many! Hell, if someone is named, expect them to get one. (Spoiler Warning)
    • GB tricking Kamikiri into thinking Weed's army was way, way bigger than it was.
    • Kagetora's "my uncle thought it was worth it to die just to take out a bear's eye" speech to Kaibutsu.
    • John's defiance of Hougen before his death, in which, after being impaled on a tree branch, snaps it off, pulls it out, and hurls it in Hougen's face, bloodying his nose.
    • During the whole Kyoshiro arc, Weed and Kyoshiro are fighting a pair of trained killer dogs with "unusually sharp teeth". Weed is very beat up and one of the dogs leap in for the kill... Weed then picks up a HUGE branch with his teeth that was hidden under the snow, turns around and SMACKS the leaping dog DIRECTLY in the mouth, utterly shattering his precious teeth. Holy shit!
    • Mel, an adorable and tiny golden retriever puppy, defending Gajou from Hougen's full-grown soldiers, BY HIMSELF.
    • Tesshin scoring the first hit on Genba
    • Reika luring Hougen away from her injured friends before knocking him and herself into the river.
    • Hougen using a nearby lackey to block Weed's Battouga attack.
    • Hiro taking revenge on Kamikiri.
    • Kyoushirou pretending to defect to Hougen, and testing the loyalty of his own followers in the process. And his subsequent rescue of Gin.
    • After defecting from Hougen, Toube takes on Hougen's army at Gajou and kills everyone that doesn't run away, even with the wounds he has already sustained. After giving a speech about how he doesn't give up, he dies standing. He's even made into a statue somehow.
    • The Final Battle between Weed and Hougen counts big time.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Dun NUN NUN NUN nun dun... YAAAAAAAAH!

Tropes used in the Manga:

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: There are many more crowning moments in the manga, and the fact that there's more story is only one reason why. (Spoiler Warning)
    • GB, Sasuke and the other dogs trick Kamakiri into thinking Weed's army was way, way bigger than it was.
    • George gets over his fear of water and saves a drowning Reika in the river despite his injury.
    • In Hokkaido arc, a heel face turned Aramu gets over his guilt and drowns Victor in the water by pulling his leg and trapping him underwater by tying himself in the tangled mass of seaweed.
    • In the recent Hybrid Bear arc, Ken manages to scare off the bear from killing his injured brother George with a howl and an aura of his father's spirit.
    • Weed's duel with Victor on the beach in the Hokkaido arc, where he proves once and for all that he's worthy of being Gin's heir.
    • * Reika spends most of Ginga Densetsu Weed being more or less useless. Near the end of the series she cons Big Bad Hougen into thinking she's in love with him and pushes him into river in order to drown him. It doesn't work, and Reika nearly drowns herself, but hey, she tried.