!!In General
* The Ghostbusters' {{Badass Boast}}s
-->'''Venkman:''' We came, we saw, ''we kicked its '''ass'''''!
** Winston Zeddemore, covered head to toe in toasted marshmallow, on top of a skyscraper bellowing "I love this town!"
** "If someone asks you if you're a God you say YES!"
** "Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown!"
** From the second film, after stopping the Scoleri brothers.
-->'''Venkman:''' We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the ''only'' Ghostbusters!
* No love for [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cntFghRt2_4 The Theme Song?]]

* The PowerWalk sequence and these lines:
-->'''Venkman:''' Sticks! [draws particle thrower]\\
'''Guys:''' Holdin'!\\
'''Venkman:''' Heat 'em up! [powers up]\\
'''Guys:''' Smokin'!\\
'''Venkman:''' Make 'em hard!\\
'''Guys:''' Ready!\\
'''Venkman:''' [[LetsGetDangerous Let's show this prehistoric bitch]] [[PreAssKickingOneLiner how we do things Downtown]].
** In a deleted scene, some random police officer gets one when Walter Peck thinks the Ghostbusters caused the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man to attack. So he tries to get a fleeing police officer to arrest them. The officer's response?
--->'''Policeman:''' YOU Arrest Them!
* After Venkman's big mouth gets the 'Busters arrested and their containment grid shut down, he turns it around by using his silver tongue to cut a deal with the mayor:
-->'''Venkman:''' If were wrong, then nothing happens! We go to jail, peacefully, quietly... We'll enjoy it! But if we're right, and we can stop this thing... Lenny: you will have saved the lives... of ''millions''... of ''registered voters''.
-->'''Peck:''' I don't believe you're seriously considering listening to these men.
-->'''Mayor:''' *''gestures at Peck after a beat''* ... Get ''him'' out of here.
** Bonus points for the Cardinal smiling and nodding after Venkman makes his case, as if to say, "Yep that'll about do it."
* "'''Nobody''' steps on a church in my town!"
* The police / National Guard escort that Venkman requests for the Ghostbusters in the first movie.
* The ghosts get one for their escape in the first film, which is helped by "Magic" by Mick Smiley.
* Arguably, the moment that acts as a siren, announcing that the awesomeness is about to kick into high gear: "WE GOT ONE!!!"
* You got to give it to Gozer,he managed to invade Earth... By becoming a gigantic version of a cartoon character. he turned himself into a funny little marshmallow man and yet,he was "beyond terrifying",this guy was going to destroy the world,Bad. Ass.

!!''Ghostbusters 2''
* The Ghostbusters from the second movie bringing the Statue of Liberty to life with Mood Slime and ThePowerOfRock.
** At 11:56, or four minutes before Vigo will completely assume control over Oscar's body, he has begun the process, and is beginning to send his essence from the painting. Janoz is celebrating...when slowly, the hate-charged slime barrier at the top of the museum begins to recede, revealing a familiar-looking torch. As Janoz panics, the crowd outside screams with joy as the Statue of Liberty rears back with her torch--a symbol of hope and goodness for millions of people--and ''destroys the museum's ceiling in a single blow.'' When the Ghostbusters lower themselves down, we see her face, and she looks completely BadAss. Do NOT mess with Lady Liberty's city.
** Dana gets a small one in the same scene--when Vigo starts sending his energy into Oscar, she tries to move forward and grab her son, only to be pushed back by the dark magic surrounding him. As soon as the Statue of Liberty appears, this magic breaks--and rather than wait, Dana runs directly into the circle, grabs Oscar (which temporarily stops Vigo), and gets him to safety.
* "Kitten, I think what I'm saying is that sometimes shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and [[WhoYouGonnaCall who ya gonna call?"]]
** Cue applause from the jury.
* Louis in the second film graduates to full {{Badass}} by the end.
-->'''Louis''': I'm here with you guys!
** After he helps smash Vigo's BeehiveBarrier.
-->'''Louis''': I did it! I'm a Ghostbuster!

* The IDW Comic series is ''filled'' with Awesome, not the least of which is the insane number of "easter eggs" slipped into each issue.
** Issue 7 is almost an issue-long CMOA for Peter Venkman. Trapped inside his own mind by a possessor ghost, he gets pissed off when the ghost attempts to psychoanalyze him - namely theorizing that Peter's lack of fear of the ghost [[spoiler: comes from being heartbroken over Dana]]. Peter points out that he has a Ph.D in psychology and proceeds to ''own'' the spook by figuring out its weakness.