Awesome / Get Shorty

  • One of the limo guys catches Ray Bones beating the crap out of Harry in Harry's office. The limo guy threatens to shoot Ray with the gun he's got tucked into his pants. Ray, holding his own gun, asks the limo guy if he's one of those "quick-draw artists". Just as the limo guy realizes what that means, Ray shoots him dead with a big grin on his face.
    • And then Ray puts his gun in Harry's hand, telling the barely-conscious producer to shoot the dead limo guy some more so Ray can stage the scene as "self-defense" with Harry as fall guy. Harry weakly tries to aim the gun right into Ray's crotch. Ray calmly and gently lowers Harry's arm as though to say "not now, guy."
  • Bear tricking Bo into being shoved over his own balcony - the same one that he'd told Bear to rig so that it would give "just like in the movies" to kill Chili.