Awesome / Gensou Shoujo Taisen

  • Kou: Chapter 4 in Marisa's Scenario can count, not only for Marisa, but for Rinnosuke as well. When Elly traps the team, picking them off while their defenseless, Rinnosuke risked his own hide to give Marisa the item she needed to use the Master Spark. He gets easily shot down but manages to give the item to her in time to finish off Elly. Sure he got his ass kicked but it still shows bravery for running in the middle of a battle even though he couldn't defend himself.
  • Chapter 13 of Kou for Reimu. Back in Chapter 7, Sanae attacked Reimu, and due to exhaustion from the previous battle with Cirino, Fantasy Seal misses and Reimu gets hit with Grey Thaumathurgy. However, Momiji interferes before any further action can be taken. Here, Sanae has returned an plans to turn the Hakurei Shrine into a branch of the Moriya Shrine. However, the tables have turned because Sanae is low on faith. The battle ends as a complete reverse of the first battle with Sanae missing and Reimu scoring a direct hit with Fantasy Seal, and is oh so very cathartic.
  • Chapter 44 from Ei. Remilia charges through a barrage of literally everything Flandre can fire at her in order to hug her.
  • Chapter 49. Fantasy Heaven. That is all.