Awesome / Gatchaman Crowds

  • At the end of episode five, Hajime, bloodied and bruised from being thrown around by an explosion, blatantly disobeys Sugane's orders, transforming into her Gatchaman form to help the injured and trapped people in the collapsed tunnel, accompanied by a Large Ham shout of "BIRD, GO!" and the Ear Worm transformation theme music's "GATCHAMAAAAAAAAN" refrain playing over it. Hajime's reasoning to Sugane?
    Hajime: Senpai, aren't there times when you find yourself taking action without thinking about it? That time is now! That's what heroes do!!
  • Pretty much all of episode 10. Utsutsu joins the fight, Jou comes out of his depression, and Pai Pai isn't scared anymore!
  • Episode 12 has O.D. going head-to-head in a battle with Katze while in Gatchaman form. He could have destroyed Katze personally if he had not hesitated long enough for Katze to rip the guy's NOTE out. O.D. still managed to get back on his feet to hand his NOTE to Rui, and leave Katze incapacitated, so that everything could be sorted out. Whether or not he ended up dying after that, O.D. finally got to shine.
    • What makes it better is the director's cut version of episode 12 shows that he did indeed survive.