Awesome / fun.

  • "We Are Young" went from a little-heard indie jam to a six week Hot 100 #1 single. In an era dominated largely by pop, rap, and hip-hop, fun.'s success is even more incredible.
  • "Some Nights". Some people have called fun. a bunch of Queen wannabes, and if that is the truth, then this is their Bohemian Rhapsody.
    • Funny, Todd in the Shadows said the same thing when he listed it at #4 on his Best Hit Songs of 2012 list.
  • From the same album, the second part of the bridge from "Carry On".
    "'Cause we are
    We are shining stars
    We are invincible
    We are who we are
    On our darkest day
    When we're miles away
    Sun will come, we will find our way home..."
  • When the bridge of "Barlights" is played live, Nate has the crowd sing the lines, "I feel alive" along with him. This repeats a few times, the band builds to a crescendo, and then... the band goes completely silent, and the only sound is hundreds of astonished fans singing.