Awesome / Fright Night (2011)

  • "You don't need an invitation if there is no house."
  • Amy uses a cup of holy water to maim Jerry, after trying to kill him with silver rounds to no effect.
  • The stake gun, even if it wasn't quite as useful as Peter Vincent hoped.
  • The attack on Jerry's house toward the end was just a whole slew of non-stop badassery.
    Peter: (rips open jacket to reveal stake bandoliers) I guess I don't want to be a man like me, either.
  • Charlie's strategy at the end to take out Jerry. He set himself on fire and latched himself onto the vampire. This results in Jerry catching flame and trying to frantically get free. Then, after they both bounced around the room for a while, Charlie staked the burning vampire in the chest.
  • Charley's mom. After hearing Jerry tell Charley precisely where to strike to hit the heart, she makes use of it with a Century 21 lawn sign. She still misses his heart, but it's enough to save Charley and buy them time to escape.
  • Jerry's act with the cross. At first, it's not clear whether or not he's actually afraid of it and is playing it cool, or if he's mocking Charley.
    Jerry: (Afraid) Charley, not the cross, Charley-
    (He reaches up and grabs the cross, which catches on fire)
    Jerry: (flatly, mockingly)- Not the cross, Charley.
    • He then proceeds to slam Charley against the hood of a car and blows out the flaming cross. The flaming cross that he is still currently holding in his hand.