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  • In the Smarmony Returns guest comic, the party averts TPK by dragon by exploiting each character's powers and clever rule abuse to enlarge a pet throwing rock to deal 24d6+12 damage. The kicker: the rock was named Thomas. Derpy puts it best.
    Derpy: Look out, here comes Tom!!
  • In the second Story Time, a player was forced to bring out a back up character, leading to him playing as Erin, a Paladin who had sworn an oath to never strike a living creature; this made him the butt of the rest of the party's jokes. However, one day a Drow showed up in town and took Erin's mother hostage. Erin calmly approached the Drow who laughed him off as bluffing; unfortunately for the Drow, Erin had very high Will and a homebrew spell called Stunning Force, causing Erin's righteous fury to manifest as a vision. Said vision combined with a high enough roll and Erin's Will modifier to cause the Drow to have a heart attack from shock and die. Needless to say, no one made fun of Erin after that.