Awesome / Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

  • Jason interrupting the two drug dealing thugs who wanted to rape Rennie after drugging her, by coming in and killing them both, brutally. It just goes to show you how merciless Jason is when he sees you messing with his own prey.
    • He may kill drunk, high, horny, drunkhighhorny teens or anyone who gets in his way of his hunt without a single bit of mercy, but try raping someone and he'll personally make sure your death is painful and long.
  • When Jason is on a rooftop and Julius is trying to fight him, Jason takes a dozen or so punches and finally retaliates. He punches the student in the face, and the student's head is knocked clean off his shoulders. It then rolls off the roof and into a dumpster on the ground, followed immediately by the dumpster lid slamming itself shut.
    • Even more awesome is that we see the head spin and fall off the roof from the head's P.O.V.
    • Julius has his own mini Awesome Moment where after giving all the punches and panting at how tiring it was, he simply stands up, accepting his fate and tells Jason "Take your best shot, motherfucker".
  • How about just Jason in the middle of Times Square overall?
  • Rennie escaping Jason by stabbing him with a pen.