Many, many [=CMOAS=] throughout ''Webcomic/FlintlockesGuideToAzeroth''.
* Flintlocke's weapons and tactics may seem unreliable or crazy, but each one except the "Goblin Bazooker" worked with exceptional results, usually one-shotting its target.
* [[DirtyCoward Schweitzer]] [[TookALevelInBadass taking a level in badass]] and owning Cheri and the Shadow Priest in seconds.
--> '''Schweitzer:''' ''Its not about the kind of player I ''' want ''' to be. Its about the kind of player I ''' am '''.''
* [[ This exchange]] is worthy of note.
-->'''Flintlocke''': RAMMING SPEED!
-->'''Blackrose''': What are we ramming?
-->'''Flintlocke''': EV'RYTHING!