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Awesome: Flashman
He was present at three in one day at Balaklava: Colin Campbell's Thin Red Line, the Charge of the Heavy Brigade, and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Ok, the last one was more a Crowning Moment of Stupidity, but it's famous.
  • In his very first assignment, he was one of only two British survivors of the retreat from Kabul in the First Anglo-Afghan War, and was found, wounded and unconscious, clutching the Union Jack. He was trying to surrender.
  • Also, in the first book, Flashman wins a duel. Although he had botched the duel by rigging his opponent's gun to misfire, when it came his turn to shoot, he missed on purpose, ending the duel in a draw. His shot instead hit a bottle several feet behind his opponent. The other soldiers then believed that he had not only missed on purpose, but was also an excellent shot, to hit a bottle from that far. This was, of course, all accidental.
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