Awesome / First Knight

  • Lancelot beating The Gauntlet with ease.
  • The final scene were Arthur roars his final command for his knights and his people to stand up to Malagant and his evil horde once and for all. The final battle ensues with a quite badass dramatic chorus in the backround. The Good Guys Win.
    • Special mention goes to a particular scene. One knight grappling with one of Malagant's men calls for a sword. An ally of his is also fighting and can't spare his weapon. So he uses his foot to toss a sword to his friend. He doesn't kick it, he lifts into the air and tosses it with his foot.
  • Special mention goes to the impressive score by Jerry Goldsmith; this is probably his most Leitmotif heavily-laden score that he had ever composed. The way he interwove "Arthur's theme" & "Lancelot's theme" and made them distinctively recognizable is one of Goldsmith's great skill not only as a composer but as a master storyteller as well.