Awesome / Fire Emblem Akaneia

  • Marth starts the tutorial of Shadow Dragon off on a high note when the Gra soldiers demand he surrender.
    Marth: I will not. I am the prince of Altea. I will not yield to you or any other nation, here on my own land, under my own castle roof!
    • And then when the soldier replies "You talk big, brat", Marth proceeds to wipe the floor with the entire pathetic force they foolishly thought would be sufficient to capture him.
  • This entire sequence, occurring at the end of Chapter 3 of Mystery and its remake. Jagen may be a Crutch Character, but after this scene he was definitely Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. Lang also finally gets the "The Reason You Suck" Speech he truly deserves.
  • Archanea War Chronicles Chapter 4 is the only one to feature a Bonus Boss of sorts. You're not required to kill him to complete the chapter, and doing so is very difficult due to the constant reinforcements you have to fight your way through. But if you actually accomplish this feat, instead of the boss taunting Camus at the chapter's end, Medeus himself fills the role, and comments that no human has ever put up this much of fight against him since Anri. He seems to consider Camus a Worthy Opponent for pulling this off. The conversation is partly a case of Breaking the Fourth Wall: It's just as much the player being praised for their awesomeness as Camus.