Awesome: Fear Itself

Fear Itself asked the Marvel Universe, "What are you in the Darkest Hour?" It turns out the answer was, "Utter badasses, why do you ask?"

  • Tony Stark gets several:
    • Yelling at Odin, then bluntly telling him that he doesn't want help, he wants Odin's workshop.
    • Jumping without hesitation into a vat of molten metal to gain Odin's blessing for the resulting weapons, something Odin, who was working on Puny Earthlings mindframe, and being the God of warriors, says two words to: "Brave man".
  • Giant-Size Man-Thing. It's even called that in the comics.
  • Just before events start to right themselves, Iron Man's locked in a workshop, Thor's off preparing to fight a dragon, Spider-Man's trying to bring hope to New York, and the rest of the Avengers are off tracking down the Worthy. Captain America, meanwhile, is preparing to lead a ragtag gang of Oklahoma farmers with rifles against an army of mecha Nazis backed up by a God of Evil.
    "Alright, you son of a bitch. Let's see what makes you afraid."
  • The X-Men vs. the Juggernaut. Perhaps the best example of Try Everything ever put in comics.
    • Also a Crowning Moment of Funny in several panels.
      Haemopyrokinetic Adam X deployed to attempt to incapacitate Juggernaut by igniting blood.
      Result: blood ignition a success, but worse than ineffective. For fifteen minutes unstoppable Juggernaut is rendered an unstoppable Juggernaut that ignites anything it touches.
  • A small one, but for those who were always wanting to see Squirrel Girl actually beat a villain onscreen, we see her get pissed off and tear through one of the killer mecha like it was made of paper.
  • Thor's epic beatdown of the hammer-powered Thing and Hulk. Especially after he takes down the Thing, and turns to the still-standing Hulk:
    Thor: And him, I liked.
  • When the Avengers carry Thor's broken body to Asgard, Captain America Steve Rogers variety up and tells Odin to get to work and use his powers to heal Thor. In the process he calls Odin out on his dickish behavior and tells him to act like a real father. Odin's so shocked at being ordered around he needs a moment to process it.
    • During that scene, Cap is casually wearing Mjolnir on his belt, which is awesome enough, but we also see Odin notice this, and visibly decide not to call him on it. Steve Rogers is just that badass, y'all.