Awesome / Fanhunter

There's quite CMOA in Fanhunter. It has to be expected in a series constructed around the Rule of Cool.

  • Fanhunter Celsquest:
    • Denbrough and Konstantin beating alone a full batallion of Fanhunters.
    • Denbrough's fight with Lokie.
  • The Battle of Montjüic (Redux):
    • Father Merrin exorcising Sadako (yes, that Sadako).
    Merrin: "And wash your face!"
    • Alejo becomes the new ruler of Europe after proclaiming himself as the new Pope blowing up the Vatican. It's hilarious, it's terrible and it's awesome.
    • Manga fans and comic-book fans forgetting their diferences and teaming-up as members of the Resistance.
    • How to become an Ace Pilot? Years of gaming with a Playstation, of course (and this was done waaay before Snakes on a Plane).
    • The Heroic Sacrifice of the role game players against the (superior in numbers) clone troops of the Tintin Macutes. While singin Manowar's Fight for Freedom.
    • ... Ridli will never forgive the russians for the death of Apollo Creed.
    • Alejo decides he doesn't want victory at the cost of his son's life: it's revealed that the surrender and suicide of the Macutes was caused by mental suggestion by him., who didn't want to see Konstantin die.
  • Fanhunter Adventures:
    • Alejo needs the Resistance's help against an alien invasion... so to convince them he puts a Darth Vader mask. Nothing better than the Dark Lord of the Sith to appeal to fans.
    • Don Depresor destroys the alien invaders main ship crashing against it... because he didn't see it.
    • The ''dwarf'' Duncan Maccloud.
    • Don Depresor saving Emi-chan showing a surprising level of efficiency.
  • Manga Wars.
    • Belit + Mecha Samurai Armor = Awesomeness.