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Awesome: False Memory
  • Ahriman's whole Hoist by His Own Petard moment. He took on a patient solely because he thought her obsession rare and interesting—she's the rich wife of a would-be politician who is fixated on Keanu Reeves. After turning her obsession into a phobia, he dismisses her as a ditz, and tries to put her off temporarily by telling her the The Matrix is real, and she needs to lie low for a while. It works, but she decides he's an Agent and shoots him dead in his own office. Then hires his secretary.
  • The bit where Ahriman realizes his hold on Martie and Dusty has failed, and winds up in total disbelief that "a video-game designer and a housepainter" could possibly outdo him. It's the beginning of his long, very satisfying downward spiral.
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